Ching Ming Festival with the mind


(A) the way time flies, year after year, see also the grass was green outside the window, the flowers open, the wind light.Last spring it was already more than half the time, and now, in front of the annual Ching Ming Festival, the Qingming rain have not been dried, the case has vaguely wet in the clear state of mind, in the Ching Ming Festival, and as usual, I was at home and son from their hometowns, intermittent rain at the!    Sitting childhood playmate of the car, after driving playmate and chatted for a few, in order to let it concentrate on driving, we fell into silence once, on the road, in addition to the whistle cries, that is the sound of the rustle of the rain, and when we miss a loved one rapid heartbeat in my heart, because a lot of clear, vehicles along the way, coming and going, turns out to say that we Qingming rain inside a particular landscape, so, I think, most of them as well as we are on our way home to pay homage to their loved ones headed to the bar?    Traffic, rain, light breeze, thoughts and other feelings interwoven, mixed, and sometimes, let our hearts immersed in the mood of this Spring Festival, but not their own.Rain rain seemed larger, in my silent when the phone think of it, is mother calling from the countryside, nature bids us on the road to slow down, do not worry that kind of thing, a quick look at these words in plain dull but things, but this is for a seven-year-old man, is it not a care in the heart of the suffering it?    Car child through one after another vehicle, one by a bridge, not fall behind the vehicle is subsequently, perhaps this is the best period of the spring rain the trip, but I’m too busy to attend the scenery in this rain, because Storage in the heart thoughts of love for many years as this spring in front of the general, the total can not help but put my mind firmly in control, my mind flashing scenery is actually one the distant landscape of people and things?This is a kind of clear and bright landscape, once the existence of today’s nothingness, and not difficult to pray passionately devoted a real and a virtual left it to our life?Think of these, I am a little sad, cry, thinking out loud wail.It really was my state of mind, a deep memory of their loved ones, I do not need to hide this lucid state of mind!    Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, Ching Ming Lin Zhao rain this, and I feel like the weather in general, heavy, sad, remember, and burst into tears, bit by bit hidden in the bitterness of a loss of a loved!    Tomb Sweeping Day fireworks scenery, Geku between earthly joys and sorrows.Ching Ming Festival, originally a spring outing best day, Bibi grass, willow Yiyi, across fresh, but, in April Qingming, in turn as a human ancestor worship festival, he had called the people rejoice over, more than a Qingming parts missing loved sadness in mind, such as the rhythm of the rain wet our state of mind!    Thus far, I think of my brother a few days ago in my micro-channel circle has written a paragraph, words were: Ching Ming is things grow, flowers and leaves of the season, was fortunate thing, have to sacrifice their loved ones dead this may be reflected in the doctrine of ideas, too sad too happy, too worry too think, over the less, are bad.    Mean is one of our minds, in every one of us more or less blood flowing this blood, my thoughts were present this impression, although there are things we can not say what it is moderation, but our approach and view some of the time it is difficult to escape the thought!    (B) memory silent all the way, this is not just a lucid get wet because of my mood, but in life for a life and death battle silently thinking.Perhaps some day, I will be the one that the deceased, so the thought of this dead relatives to bring a part unprovoked miss when unhappy, he felt this was a loss, yes, its so called living so to care, then we do not die of a life has become our greatest misfortune?    Follow this topic, I think again of October 8 years ago, my father left the scene, the father before his death a week I stood by his father’s side, I personally witnessed the scene of his father passed away!In front of the students, the father struggled, but finally could not resist the fate of death, his father is gone, gave countless thinking of my life, my reverence for life, as his father put it best approach is to treat each of our lives a day, everyone!    Eight years later, I vaguely remember that day, the father of a desire for life, yes, some people say that life is a chance of life, then why not us die of a confession attributed to the world?Involvement in this life and death intertwined, for those of us struggling to be living what speech?    Under the intermittent rain, our car and the line and children live in the rain, when I think of mind after the issue of life and death, no sorrow, and with it comes to thinking is a distance between life and death, we all this section of the road is scenic, the road of our life no matter how far away we wait for the end of only one post – that is dead.We are all in this life passing, only his only effort came every day, perhaps the best treat for our lives, because we have no choice!    Ten o’clock in the morning, we drove back to the country.Although the rain had stopped.The rain may be too small a peaceful courtyard, yard fruit trees have been grown and green leaves, stained raindrops on leaves, above the clouds poplar branches pan-green, willows sway in the breeze in , my dog saw us coming, galloping towards us, wagging his tail, trying to flatter us, son hand gently stroked the head of the dog, the dog still kept on crying.Smell the puppy’s mother calls out from the house, the mother was wearing a winter coat with a thin purple winter, but also around the apron, seems to have given us to do like the lunch!This is my mother’s habit, as long as we hear back, we do like to meals, this is the only way we express a mother’s arrival, but after eating face mother did, my heart slowly taste it the!    (C) we worship here is the Ching Ming Ching Ming, Ching Ming Festival this day, no matter how far we have to go home ancestor worship, it is a local custom, to worship ancestors form is diverse, with us are personally Shangfen.    After lunch, we marching muddy road to his father’s grave, the way people are doing it, but, all of them eager to see this cemetery toward pedestrians, in the heart privately soothe his mind children, do not you, too?    Miss our loved one is an emotional expression, and in the Ching Ming Festival is the most suitable for expression of a festival of the dead, in the past, when the Ching Ming Festival, on several of my aunt would cry cemetery, at first, I do not know their Why meaning, thinking, miss their loved ones to use tear, which will not let people under the nether world of more peace of mind do not?    After that, I know several of my aunts lived and unhappy, they cry there is talk in general, often encounter this situation like when my father and we are some consolation, human feelings like this, in the vent then, after people get comfort, the mood will gradually get better some of the!    Today, my great aunt, Aunt three aunts all have died since then, when in grave worship never see such a scene as people feel bad, but, often encounter clear, these memories will be shallow and the ache as people, perhaps this is the one I remember the impression it encountered in the Ching Ming festival?    To reach his father’s grave, about two o’clock in the afternoon, my father’s grave away from our village had a place far three miles of where was our home, it is also our home a backyard once lived, has now become a wilderness, my grandmother and grandfather were buried here in the cemetery grows a tree, a distance like a forest, very majestic!    Sailed wind blowing, we do a rest after his sister to eleven with good things for the table placed in the tomb of a point on Zhu Zhu Hong, we bow down at the grave of the ancestors, thoughts slowly in the burning paper money ascend to the sky.Curl incense, how will this live up to the deceased during his lifetime the great trust?One day not seeing, such as San-Qiu Xi, why not eternity separated Yin and Yang meet, this longing for the survival of the people seen?    Against the slightest burning incense and paper money, I am reminded of the Southern Song Dynasty poet wrote a few lines: the north-south mountain the many graveyards, each divergent natural Qingming sweep.Fly ashes as white butterfly?Smoked tears bloody red azalea.That of a lucid sad, is it as much a part of heartache for the parting of their loved ones?    (D) unless already come back from the cemetery, has four in the afternoon, we four brothers and sisters, once again bade farewell to his mother on the road to their home!    Life is a journey, the ancients said: The road is long far from the truth, no matter how hard life on the road, I will not forget always asked his father and ancestors, do yourself, is the best explanation for them!    2017.4.4