Complex sleep in the bones of the girl


REVIEW legend every girl is a flower with a wish language, come into this world, so there are places that are filled with girls Qing Fang, there are girls of all local air flower blooming with color.    Rest day, shopping around several female colleagues, in a children’s clothing store, co-workers to see her little girl to pick little skirt, little shoes, pick up which one, feel cute, suddenly remembered the Internet to see that sentence: life people must have a daughter!  Once upon a time he also worked daughter dream.Fell on the windowsill summer, by the evening breeze sent bursts of fragrance Fragrance brewing one name: Jing Xuan, poetry Yin, Mengqi, Orchid…A blossoming flower-like curl Nana opened in my heart, so warm, charming.In fact, the girl’s name itself is a beautiful, blooming in the deep in the Red.Wan Wan heard about about “Girls”, fragrant warm, gentle, infinitely better…  Daughter thought she could have a variety of woven braids, weaving like a piece of fine art, today rice is sweating like a pigtail, tomorrow is the two groups Zhuaji flower, day after tomorrow is a bud head, then, do a variety of super cute cartoon hairpin, a string together a beautiful landscape at your fingertips, what will be the happiness it?  Legend every girl is a flower with a wish language, come into this world, so there are places that are filled with girls Qing Fang, there are girls of all local air flower blooming with color.  The girl is beautiful, fragrant, are warm!  She was always close to you, when like a cheerful beautiful little butterfly fluttering around you, when silence like a gentle and quiet cat snuggle in your arms.  Have seen such a mother and daughter, Beikaozhuobei in the library, each watching each book, scholarly and scent of a woman and her daughter at the mixing is like that lady, the scent of ink slowly, the feeling is so quiet good years.  Also in the summer dusk, the wind sailed riverside road, leisurely stroll to see the mother and daughter, or looks, or likeness, or arm around the neck or waist Gouzhuo, so intimate, sweet, my heart is always a hit warm touched, crazy greedy eyes to the very far back until it is rendered into an earthly sunset views fixed in my mind.  Human life should really have a daughter.  When she grew up, you are old, dressed a little younger, a little fashion does not feel awkward, like my colleagues, wearing a pair of very stylish, very girl shoes, if anyone asked, very proud, it is natural to say that picking her daughter, dressed confidently, was pretty clear conscience.  If you have a daughter, if she is still small, it is reasonable to buy a bunch of stuff bears, dolls, if she was bigger, there is an excuse to hang around “Ayaya” the girl in the fashion items, suddenly awoke, had been living in their own the heart of the little girl who was actually their own.  Perhaps every woman, no matter how old bones have complex girl, perhaps nostalgia girl in the palm of my parents years of carefree period, the kind of pure joy of it.  One of my girl feeling: braids child, my long hair and waist, that’s what my pride, from every day to wake up in the morning, the mother is the most beautiful thing for me comb my hair, as if by magic, weaving my scene colorful braids childhood, then I do not know, my head is a parent’s love landscape, I remember one time, mom did not have time in the morning, is clumsy dad rough big hands tie pigtail for me despite the apparent tie was also good, but I could feel uncomfortable, do not know which one pulled too tightly, how to pull Wang Chu could not find that one night came home from school, because I find Flanagan uncomfortable for a day of hair, I have been pulled like a chicken coop.  My girl complex of the two: fear of insects.  My family has a vintage, only made thirty-two every year, but this was enough, and the mother with the grapes in the mottled shade of the day, I feel really sweet ah, because Mom always pick the biggest most sweet grapes handed me, just inadvertently, my hand touched fleshy tiger worms, screaming, scared SOUL, I rushed out an arrow, in fact, there are scared to death of the mother, and so we go out , fell to the floor, scared to return the soul to fly, they invariably laugh, laugh belly straight stitch children, which is really good fun.The original mother, like a little girl, so forget that he was scared of insects mom.  My Passion of three girls: inexplicable laugh child, casual remark or a look in the eye, a common action could trigger I am very fragrant pure laughter, the most typical is to help Mom stretch sheets, perhaps stretch of time can not keep pace with the same mother, and later even deliberately naughty, then they laugh at each stretch Huazhiluanchan, bending beneath, whom creak as if the same could not stop laughing, often at this time, mom said with mock seriousness: a good stretch, do not conformal.I just laughed more bearings.  Nice girls do, but never had enough girls long years of wandering in the silent depths of the time.  Perhaps we always intentionally or unintentionally, to find that in the watery fleeting little girl wearing butterfly flower.  Aware of this, and then when I saw a little girl from the back of the dress, turned around but it is a face the vicissitudes of life, I think I will not be surprised, maybe she did not mean to act young, but deep inside Complex dictates girl.So it was a little more tolerant of the heart, I feel that they are also quite lovely.