Distant Xiao Sheng


Chuixiao woman, standing on the stage of my memory: crimson curtain slowly opened, Chuixiao woman slowly toward the stage, to watch my affectionate vision.She dressed in white, dream-like, her black hair a picturesque, her chest Dong Xiao long dark red as blood.Her air of serenity, tranquility amongst beautiful, her hands Dong Xiao, in my heart of hearts is about to set off a resonance of emotional turmoil.    I sat in the corner of a quiet stage, like a seed wilderness left behind, more like a tragic poet preoccupied.I am sad eyes flashing lights parked on the stage, in the face of this mysterious woman in white Chuixiao, I Gankaiwanduan.In the passage of many years, but how much you have wonderful soulful singing with my pass?How much should the brightly colored roses in my heart opened and wild yo again opened.I have no way of knowing, I’m just looking at the pure watery white woman on stage.I look forward to knowing about the study on three in my heart calm lake curl rising, I want to wake brilliant Xiaosheng I’ve lost miss.    When rapid relief Xiaosheng, the bright dark when lights on the stage, I saw a pristine mountain lily Tears in my field of vision open quietly.Suddenly, my dry heart such as Mu rain, I seem to see the wild desolate heart, being spawned a verdant grass, there are bunches of flowers Zhengfangdouyan.Those buried in the depths of time the flame is rapidly broke my heart once gloomy.I know this is not the world of band, I only know Chuixiao woman is a graceful and delicate feelings of eagle-eyed woman, she played a superb, so I decipher a lot of arcane code of life.    I bathed in the drizzling rain Xiaosheng, the warmth of the recall with bursts of flowers and birds floated in the depths of time.I have seen many Red have fallen in the running footsteps, I feel a lot of water associated with the back of blurred.With elegant Xiaosheng, I revisiting the past, and in front of a withering rose feeling frustrated; I gently picked up the feathers of memory, let it float freely in the air.In this month of fine, white night, I will not write a fairy tale with a rose.    Crimson curtain slowly close, I raised her hazy tears in their eyes, the Chuixiao woman who is beautiful, long clouds like fade into the background, face empty and quiet arena, all come to realize a dream, all reminding us of scenes Kate.I designed this stage, my heart was always set aside with an invisible Dong Xiao?I look forward to Chuixiao woman, she is looking forward to shaking the soul of a rose rain?I do not know, I just quietly wipe eyeful of tears, then turned and quietly, gently into the cool depths of the moon.