“Dreaming of Li Bai Second” Book


Clouds all day long lines, wandering to the long-suppressed.  Jun frequency three nights dream, feeling my own eyes Junyi.  Advertisement return often cramped, bitter difficult to track.  Rivers and lakes and more turmoil, fear of loss of Vessels fall.  White scratch out first, if negative chi his life.  Crown covered Beijing, he died alone haggard.  What cloud net of justice?The anti-tired Laoshen.  Long years were lonely funeral.    Miss: Li Bai Yelang exile, was also wandering to Du Fu Qinzhou, poet thinking about their own Wangnianzhijiao, has been integrated into thinking dream.Sky clouds floated daily, but the enemy did not return excursion, long wait, can not wait until the return date.Think of the enemy of the poet’s friendship, almost every night dreaming of the return of the enemy, always worried about the heart can not put down.Concert mountain stream in case of separation I felt boring, not a bosom friend accompanied, life seems to lack the essential element, not day joy.Friendship like-minded people to talk to each other all day long in, cooperate, and fun, like brothers may one day this friend away, one can imagine the kind of feelings of loss.I will not be able to hear a friend say exile suffering, dying moments but no news, that concern is very much inevitable.    Concern: exile’s life is always a lot of suffering, how many people are drowning in exile, which is implicated in the case of Wang Lin’s friends or old life on the line, I can not help feeling worried about rising.Sailing on the rivers and lakes are always a lot Xianfeng storms, really worried about sinking enemy vessels were thrown.Every reunion, old friends you always say do not come easy, it is difficult to see the side, respectively, when the look is gone, do this, do not know when to meet, you can look forward to the return of peace.I do not know whether the escort of soldiers treat you like a friend, the world is uneven, just want friends to be more careful, take care of yourself, arrived safely in exile, but also very much hope that this can be an early end to exile, to when to meet again, our congenial talking Poetry.    Emotion: departure time, the enemy you scratch this full head of white hair, remorse live up to its own ambitions of his life, to bear this injustice.High car dress dignitaries filled the capital, you are reduced to this matchless talent, looks haggard.Who said Heaven is fair and honest, old age has hurt the innocent suffer.Even if there will be immortal reputation, it is difficult to make up for the snub suffered grief.Du Fu’s serious, Li Bai enduring talent past and present, is a rare talent, but can suffer from this innocent implicated, it is unfair Heaven, is it day jealous of excellence.In our real life, also has a lot of talented people leave us away in their prime age.These can even wit exile BES, but this injustice and this sadly can not make up, multi-talented person can hope to live longer, for the society, for the world to create a lot of value to add luster.But things change, there is always a grievance, we can only hope for sustenance destiny.    Unusual emotion, Concert suffer exile, friends pains, unable to sleep, feeling really miss the cut, it is difficult to extricate themselves.We can see a truth, a strong friendship, this friendship with sparkling radiance shining future generations.