Easy New Year


The annual Spring Festival is coming, in previous years, the Spring Festival, every family should be busy for a while, people are “busy and happy.”.This year, people’s living standards improved, it’s time to change the main theme: the ease of.    Looking back at the era of food and clothing are not enough, the greatest happiness for the New Year, is a real treat.New Year’s Eve, pork stew vermicelli child, white bread, eat Bon appetit, followed by, who started dumplings, two days of face, has been eating the fifth day, we had to eat a meal of “breaking five dumplings”.For the past few days on New Year’s delicious food, the whole family will busy for a few days, although there are of loved ones happy, but still feel tired.    Now, the days of affluence, and a real treat has already become a thing of the past.The pursuit of happiness should be the ease, elegance should live a sweet Spring Festival.    Greeting sent during the Spring Festival, inevitably dinner guests.Now, do not burn fried busy cooking, cook surgeon, the hotel’s dedicated and thoughtful service will naturally.I think, even to entertain guests, do not point the non-seafood abalone, bird’s nest shark fin and the like can not, not to mention shark fin in recent years, mostly impurities, shoddy, from single nutrient that shark fin not much better than the fans.Not to mention, eating shark fin, the shark could become extinct.Destruction of the ecological balance, but also how to build a better future home ah!In fact, meat and vegetables, the number of soup, both mouth and stomach, nutritious, healthy, away from the “festival disease”, not Yoshiya!    Spring Festival flies ease, you have to make time, a young and old, all the outdoor walk around, go to the park to see the flowers, look at the scenery to the suburbs, to museums, monuments and see culture, are a good choice.Thinking, even if the family car, it is best to take a bus, fuel-efficient, save money, not clogging up, and environmentally friendly, why not?Near the place, you can trot forward, take a look around, happy and fitness, run into acquaintances, friends, chat by the way, a good New Year greetings to each other, how pleasant it!    The Spring Festival flies with ease, but also the times.Not long ago, the CPC Central Committee put forward eight provisions improve their work style, in which the core, one is “the people”, the second is “frugal”.Holiday Beijingers should carry forward the spirit of Beijing, also responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, to be frugal, to be innovative.Go to a restaurant, not ostentatious; when they go out, less use their own cars; feel free to pay attention to public morality, always protect the natural environment.Let the “Beijing spirit” in the festival shine sparkling brilliance.    The pursuit of elegant taste of the festival, it really makes ease and happy ah!