Film Essay (four)


[REVIEW]: The Age of Innocence martial arts movie is already gone, and now use high-tech means, big investment, big-budget martial arts film shooting mode, swords, bustling cleared after the people left only desolation and short-lived noise, no trace rich aroma of social and cultural values, there is no ray of thought-provoking atmosphere Shensui.  A person’s Mood for Love like Wong Kar-wai’s movies, like sad story is plain crumple aroma, confused and hurt the hearts of bone.His film, suitable for a person to see, lonely through the streets after a suitable person reading alone thin aftertaste romantic flowing between the mind, poignant shadow.  His films like to use dim light, dim shadow, penetrate the skin’s music, together with the unique beauty of props consisting of a slowly flowing river of films, shimmering dripping, falling on both sides of the endless.The film “In the Mood for Love”, the story is simple, trivial plot.Heroine dress, eyes, the hero of the cigarette, eyes, faint secretly in the corner of the city, a pleasant aroma to weak boneless love about was helpless, sad.  I remember when I was alone watching the movie, floating in the sky drizzling rain, a Unit of fresh air blowing through the flowers and quiet of night.Instant light goes out of the theater, a picture of the silent face floating in darkness, shortness of breath, a little bit of flowing gently Rehan.Heroine or bright or dark dress, the characteristics of the 1960 Hong Kong’s performance thoroughly.Dazzling dress maid hero sometimes melancholy, sometimes elegant, sometimes sad, sometimes generous.Each a dress are like a blooming flower, suggesting heroine every moment mood.Her beauty and maturity, love her now like a night-blooming cereus, leaving a little bit of light and the smell away in the quiet of the night, the rain like the taste of elegance, blurred, incense exudes cold.Those vast time and youth, those lonely boundless knows no boundaries, love and pain of those struggling in a slow sad sentence lines slowly seeping obsession broke our hearts, it keeps sobbing people under the screen leisurely walk Come.  ”If more than one ticket, would you come with me?”” Those who disappeared years, as if through a glass product with dust.”Standing deserted streets, blowing rain, overflowing window light, I reflected back on those beautiful over and over again, haggard lines, one trivial details of life.Resentment, pain, hurt the feelings of these so broken words closer and closer to happiness, gradually drifting from a ray of quiet beauty fragrance.At the moment, all the joys and sorrows not me, I have been ups and downs in the movie drowned.I was in for the movie’s characters tell their stories to the silence of the night: love, touching, assault, very strong, very deep; acquaintance, friend, love, deeply and then forget.  ”In the Mood for Love,” the story narrative to explain the accent, greasy mundane plot, let me know the movie is part of a man’s, yours or mine.Thousands of colors outline dress patterns, as a special sign language, interpretation of a lonely life, to tell people of the city in the solitude of a person’s lifestyle black and blue.  The city of Feng Xiaogang’s movie to see the cold humor, fun and festivity figure is.  Urban Life will laugh quietly rendered helpless, blurred, deep, flowing out of a few occasional humorous one-liners, so life has been a heavy pink warmth.Feng Xiaogang’s film is not particularly solemn themes, mostly relaxed, happy, especially in recent years drew to a close year-end launch of the Surreal, to go about their day ease the taut nerves year, plan a fun, festive dip.  Emotional story of urban men and women, in the narrative Feng Xiaogang looked lively in the cold, ethereal.There are real persecution, but also fierce collision outlook on life, love, values, and sometimes appear too cynical.A show of hands, every move she makes, a look soulmate, deemed dubious.Always test each other in the heart of the extent of cool, blending the two hearts there are many unwilling, isolated there are so many desperate sadness.Perhaps it is this sharp contradictions, make sweet love urban men and women, have twists and turns Ruqirusu.  ”Life is a spiritual practice.”” You are looking for feelings, I was looking for marriage, we both left the fork.”These,” If You Are the One 2 “in the lines, marriage sentiment, there is life is short sigh, but also criticism of social ills, telling the people by cold-liners subconscious understanding of the world.The opening film is Xiangshan and mango divorce ceremony at the end of life is Xiangshan farewell.In fact, think of it, Feng Xiaogang wit and joy elaborated the Dongche marriage and life and death.We are inseparable, inseparable, how can not find the scissors are a bunch of random things out of hemp rope entangled with the joy of life, sorrow and traumas.  Feng Xiaogang’s movie every detail of the penetration of cold humor, Ge is its capability to deduce the perfect implication.Ge play the fool charge stunned expressions and emotions are no match.Feng Xiaogang and writer Wang Shuo echoed each other’s cooperation in the movie “A Sigh” in reaching perfection.Feng Xiaogang affinity with the dough, with delicate feelings tell rope female audience; Wang Shuo places half-baked philosophical tone to attract male viewers.But in the “If You Are the One 2” and “trial marriage” between Xiangshan “Death philosophy of” consistency with a little harmony between the glue, there has been irreparable cracks in the audience there is a people have changed, the late Guanghua lament.  Martial arts film The Age of Innocence already gone “New Shaolin Temple” is broadcast, so that people who think like nostalgia mid-1982 version starring Jet Li, “Shaolin Temple”.This community has just born in China’s reform and opening, monotonous life image movie era, has become a cultural symbol, not the hearts of a generation old fairy tale, it will be pure action film, clear and vivid, lively engraved in people’s memory, Tsui Hark’s new breed of martial arts film “Di Renjie,” John Woo’s metaphysics martial arts movie “Reign of Assassins” unsurpassable.When the “Shaolin Temple” at the box office 1.400 million yuan, the fare Second, the Threepenny, that there are four.400 million people watched this made plain, simple video shoot.  ”Shaolin Temple” adapted from the historical legends, old-fashioned plot, full of wonders, like martial arts choreography teaching film, making way original rough.But the real fight, the kind of meat, to reflect the force of Chinese martial arts, clever, and spirit, no clouds nowadays martial arts movie, aerial fighting, a Yedu Jiang’s Xumiao, closer to people’s lives and imagination; drama actor no stage acting experience, are involved in the institute directly from the stadium or cinema, very young, but the brow British gas reveals a simple and unpolished.Color empty actor Sunjian Kui said, why the film look good, because each actor is a piece of paper.Non-professional actors performing style is pure nostalgia for a long time people.Today, there are still a handful of actors play occasionally appear in the martial arts film, the face of thunder, sometimes on bamboo, sometimes fight scene on the roof, eyes blurred, cringe, giving a confused feeling of helplessness, people feel gloomy time, years of vast.  ”Shaolin Temple,” the director, photography are from Hong Kong.Hong Kong martial arts star of the most glorious period in late 1980 and early 1990 for 10 years, 30 years without much progress, nearly Get the lead out of the situation.”New Shaolin Temple” based on the story of the early Republic set fire to Shaolin, there are horse-drawn carriage chase, betrothal feast, burned the Shaolin Temple and other grand fight scenes, the story is boring, no aura, figures pale, lack of emotion.Director Benny Chan said: “Shaolin Temple so many years there is a Zen martial spirit, is your own how to practice, how to improve their personal potential, which was previously the subject matter is not about the Shaolin Temple filmed.I would like to say a few Linda Yi of the essence.”” New Shaolin Temple “describes the Shaolin Temple of Zen martial spirit and the idea of redemption is the only saving grace movie, shooting their scenes, explosions, chase and other old-fashioned, and so bright light goes out, leaving only a naked-making coin machines, meaning and form than pale ashes.  The Age of Innocence martial arts movie is already gone, and now use high-tech means, big investment, big-budget martial arts film shooting mode, swords, bustling cleared after the people left desolation of short-lived and noise, there is no trace of the rich aroma social and cultural values, there is no ray of thought-provoking atmosphere Shensui.