Say the right words and do the right things


In many local TV programs across the country, the author prefers to watch Jiangsu TV to participate in the blind date program of ” If You Are the One”. Its program features not only vividness, friendliness and interaction, but also a fair stage for every performer to show his talents and knowledge.. Huang Han’s teacher, if the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine looks like a wise, tactful and friendly comment, makes the guests and audience both inside and outside the field fully convinced.. If Caishen Ning’s teacher is a surgeon, once he has insight into the’ disease’, he will immediately enter into the’ operation’ type of comment that shakes his head.. ‘ Please welcome host Meng Fei”, whose gracious language, full of life experience, shrewd and sophisticated style of hosting is admirable.. I watched the program one more time, and finally summed up a sentence: Those who say reliable words and do practical things hold the chance of success in their hands. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse, the author watched the program of ” If You Are the One” and watched the male and female guests from all walks of life with their spiritual outlook or exotic customs, and watched their talents, learning and moral charm with encouraging eyes.. The memory is still fresh in the memory of a fat guy who said he had 150kg when he came on stage, and 24 female guests and audience members made a ” sigh” sound.. After several rounds, few female guests on the stage turned off the lights, and he said with self-knowledge: ” That female guest held hands with me and I am willing to lose weight for her to 150 pounds.”. ” The God of Wealth Teacher” and ” Seize Opportunity” commented: ” Wouldn’t it be better for you to lose weight to 150 pounds first and not to bother if you are not the one?”? I can feel the audience both on and off the stage agree with Miss Ning’s point of view, because the young man said losing weight to half of his current weight is a very insecure thing, so most of the audience don’t believe his unreliable words.. At present, one of the popular songs on the Internet took part in her mother’s dislike of my bill and the lyrics were very straightforward. ” Her mother doesn’t like me because I am a singer and don’t have a regular job and don’t want her to marry me, because I’m foreign, don’t have a local registered permanent residence and don’t want her to marry me. Can you give me some time? I’ve been working hard and don’t leave me, ok?. ‘ Her mother doesn’t want to marry a girl to you for her own reason, because you are too unreliable. Singing depends on talent and cultural knowledge, not to buy lottery tickets and gamble. Why don’t you go to the Central Conservatory of Music if you feel you have the ability?? Whose girl is willing to marry a young man who is poor and poor and cannot solve the problem of food and clothing, and only has a warm heart all day long? Today’s young people swear that they are potential stocks. As soon as you don’t have a diploma from a famous university, as soon as you lack a skill, and as soon as you are lazy, you say that you are very diligent and earn enough money for yourself. Who can believe that you have a chance to ” submarine” or ” float” on the bottom of the sea? Why don’t you try to make yourself strong and let the girls see that you are a blatant ” destroyer”? Saying reliable words to do practical things requires you to have your own dream of planning, not perfunctory and not false every day, not to show others, but to persevere, not to fluctuate due to emotional fluctuations, not to be extreme due to conceit and complacency, not to understand the laziness of every day, and to do the homework of keeping thunder and lightning for yourself every day, and to complete it successfully, one small step forward every day will go a long way, which will give you a heavy and gorgeous life.. Hungary’s ” stupid child” and ” Chertes imre” have realized their dreams. He was slow and foolish since childhood, and others have called him ” wood.”. At the age of 12, he had a dream that his writing was attracted by Nobel and a king awarded him a prize. He was afraid of telling others to be laughed at and told his mother only one person. ” This is a dream of promise. I have heard that when God puts a good dream in his heart, he really wants to help who completes it.”. He believed that he really started his writing career with this belief. Three years later, God didn’t come. Three years later, God hasn’t come yet.. Even if the Nazis threw themselves into Auschwitz, they did not stop writing. After 61 years of writing, God did not come, but he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2002. He insisted on writing until he was 73 years old to have a sense of accomplishment. His acceptance speech said, ” All I know is that when you say’ I like to do it, I don’t care how difficult it is,”’ God will pull out to help you.. It seems that saying reliable words and doing practical things are the cornerstone of long-term efforts, tests and perseverance.. Saying reliable words and doing practical things is actually a good tutor. The author once went to the supermarket to shop and saw customers huddled together at the weighing station. I loudly said to the crowd, ” We are all citizens of quality. Will you please queue up first and then consciously?”? Everyone agreed with my suggestion and immediately lined up. But there was a woman pushing a shopping cart to the front, and I persuaded her to queue up behind to weigh her, and a middle-aged woman behind was probably her mother. She shouted to me unreasonable: ” You count that scallion and get in line.”. ‘ Everyone looked down on her and saw that her mother was also the one who snatched the money in a hurry.. How can a parent who is quick to slip away, talk big, lie, lie and speak pretty words cultivate a steadfast, kind and diligent child?? In the caigentan regulations, there is a short article: ” children are the embryos of adults.”: Scholar, scholar – bureaucrat’s embryo. At this time, if the fire is not enough and Tao Zhu is not pure, it will be difficult to become a commander in the future when the country is involved in the future.. Wen Yi said: Children are the forerunners of adults; The bachelor’s degree is the predecessor of the official. If we do not have enough training in this stage and do not get good grades in moral education, it will be difficult to become a useful person when we step into society in the future.. Sima guang, a great literary magnate, said to his son, ” love is not the way, but the harm is due to it.” ( yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip ). ‘ Love their children but educate them with the right principles. Short – sighted parents protect their children’s shortcomings. Over time, children will develop bad habits such as temperance, selfishness, insolence, deception, laziness, gambling, drug abuse and so on. Instead, they will harm their children with’ love’. If a doting parent goes astray, the reason for aligning himself with a tutor is to turn a deaf ear to his opinions and be stubborn and hard to wake up and become confused.. Saying reliable words to do practical things is like the process of planting crops by old farmers, turning over the land, watering, fertilizing, sowing and weeding, which requires all kinds of practical work and restraint in forcing themselves to accomplish one goal at a time. No matter whether watering or weeding, farmers can’t be careless. There is a proverb: ” People coax land and coax belly.”. The reason for farming and learning knowledge to do things is that if you have opportunistic ideas in your head, you will cheat yourself no matter what you do, and you will never achieve anything in the end.. Speaking reliable words and doing practical things are the cornerstone of success and the good character of being honest and trustworthy. Only by doing practical things can you realize the dream you have set up..