A river tour


After work, Wang Fei spent a day in the factory trying to relax his mood and ran to the bank of Huan River near Yandu Bridge.. Cloudy day, drizzle falling, muddy soil, gray sky, rheumatism and cool weather, standing by the river, inhaling deeply and swimming in the wide river. I used to run here with a book, reading, thinking and staring at the sky in a daze. One afternoon passed.     On the other side of the river is the ruins of the Yin Shang Palace, which was rebuilt three thousand years ago by archaeologists at that time. It should look similar to what it looks like now.. Three thousand years ago, was the river the same as it is now? At the moment, what was this one-foot-square piece of land under my feet like three thousand years ago? Who also stood here? Three thousand years ago, in my opinion, it was as far away as legend, but the earth, rocks, water and wind here have all gone through three thousand years, feeling them and feeling that they could be touched three thousand years ago.. People cherish cultural relics because they carry traces of their predecessors, or traces that our limited eyes can see. Earth, rocks, water and wind all contain evolution records. If they can tell the story of memory, all human cultural relics will be degraded into ordinary handicrafts.. In the view of soil, stones, water and wind, human beings touch time through cultural relics, just like infants touch their cribs. There are still many things outside the bed, far away from him. The road is free and quiet, and human beings diligently visit it.     When I swam by the independent river, I found that everything around me was much longer than my existence. Compared with soil, stones, water, and wind, I was just a moment away. It is said that they will survive my death, just as they were said to have existed for hundreds of millions of years before I was born.. At this moment, I exist, I see them, touch them, recognize them, and I know they exist. For me, soil, rocks, water and wind exist because of my existence. They exist in my existence. After I died and before I was born, because I, the subject of perception, did not exist, they also meant that they did not exist to me. From this, it is inferred that the concept of ” world” is in my mind and consists of what I know. Only when I exist can it exist. The kind of thing I use to recognize is called consciousness, and everything I recognize constitutes my’ world’. On this planet, the so-called objective things that I don’t know for the time being or that I will never know are not illuminated by my consciousness and are in the dark of the unknown, so they will not enter my’ world’. I’ is my’ world’, my’ world’ is’ me’. So, what good is this environment, which provides me with all possible cognition, as opposed to’ the world’, which I used to call’ the world’ according to the habits instilled by others?? Since it is objective, give it a name without any conceptual meaning, called’ place’. Thirty – seven years ago, I was born in ” place” where I, like all animals, forage, build nests and breed. Unlike animals, my foraging includes food as well as knowledge, my building nests includes my house and my thoughts, and my breeding includes my children as well as my articles.. All this I have built is’ the world’, and I live in my’ the world’.     This is my philosophy. Brilliant people are sure to find out the absurdity from it and refute it. It doesn’t matter. The grass grows on the beautiful wall and falls with the wind. It can also take root on the poor ground. My’ philosophy’ is crude and childish. It is also the basis of my own thinking. I am the grass with land..     I also have my basis. If the’ world’ is equated with the’ place’ that is purely objective, then the world in my eyes should be the same as the world in others’ eyes. Is it really the same? There are countless people coming to this river, swimming, photographing, dancing and picnicking …’ the place’ is just one. Some people like to come here in sunny weather to bask in the sun. However, I like the empty space now with no rain and no air. I think it contains some mystery. One day a few years ago, in the same weather as today, I saw people salvage a woman who died by drowning in a river.. People come here with different purposes and choose what they need in the’ place’ to carry out their own activities – physical activities or aesthetic activities or thinking activities. Why is it that some people come to play, some to meditate and some to die in the same place? Is this’ place’ the same in the eyes of different people? Some of the people here I know, some I don’t know. Some of the people I know come here to exercise. I have never heard of what he said before. Where?? At the Yindu Bridge. Oh, there it is. Some of them came here to take photos. I couldn’t recognize the photos she took at a glance. They were carefully identified. Oh, it was a wooden fence in the woods by the river.. After reading my article, you don’t know where I was doing this speculation. I told you that I was also by the river. People are in the same place, but people live in their own world. ‘ Place”’ is the same in the eyes of all of us? A river, a bridge, a few woods and a few meadows, why am I so different from your words and your photos? Because our’ world’ is different.    The world is colorful. This is a word we often say. Why is the world so colorful? This place by the river has limited material details during the year, and the overall physical environment remains unchanged all the year round. How can it be colorful? Because’ the world’ is the result of our different understanding and what our respective eyes see, your story sounds novel to me, and the photos you took seem to have different rhymes.. The world is colorful because of people, or rather, people are colorful.     The sheep and I are both driven by the wind in this quiet hillside. The sheep are eating grass. I am thinking. Both I and the sheep live in their own’ world’ and’ place’ where we coexist..     Author: Wang Fei ( pseudonym ) ).     Mobile phone: 13937212524. Residential electricity: 0372 – 31315778.     SETTING: Power Supply Workshop of Anyang Iron and Steel Group Company, Anyang City, Henan Province – Wang Weihua.     Address: 44 #, Building 90 #, Zone 6, Anyang District, Anyang City, Henan Province.     Zip code: 455004. ID No.: 4105031770703017.