Insist on being pragmatic and incorruptible for the people


The fundamental aim of the Party for the People is to implement the Party’s theory, line, principles and policies. According to the Party Constitution, the Communist Party of China represents the interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people, and the Party has no special interests other than those of the working class and the overwhelming majority of the people.. The nature of the party determines that our party must put the starting point and end point of all work on the realization, maintenance and development of the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. the party’s purpose determines that party members and cadres must regard serving the people as their bounden duty.     Pragmatism is the working method to realize the goal of serving the people, is the core of our party’s ideological line, and is the method guarantee to continuously promote the scientific development of the party’s cause for a long time.. Looking back on the history of our party for more than 90 years, the continuous innovation and advancement of theory, and every great development and new glory of the socialist cause have been achieved in the pursuit of truth and pragmatism..     Honesty is the ideological guarantee to adhere to the party’s ruling lifeline and the inevitable requirement to achieve the goal of serving the people.. The essence of government is honesty, and the essence of honesty is self – discipline. Honesty and self-discipline is the basic code of conduct for the majority of party members and cadres. It is the party’s requirement and the people’s expectation to be upright and do things in vain. A healthy atmosphere and two clean sleeves are the foundation of the Communist Party’s life. It is the basis for Party members and cadres to be in politics to be clean and self-disciplined and to perform their official duties.. If you don’t have a clean heart, you can do everything. If you don’t have a clean heart, you can do everything.. Only by being honest and self – disciplined, can the majority of Party members and cadres stand the test of integrity, public and private, power, money and beauty, and no bad style can fail.. In this way, the party’s image among the masses will be more impressive, the party’s cohesion to the masses will be stronger, and adherence to and implementation of the mass line will have a more reliable political guarantee..