A blind date has come


[ Original Text ]We are all growing up unconsciously. When we grow up, I wake up to realize that we should go home and go through life alone. At that moment, the world does not care for us with feelings, but we are sentimentally attached to the happiness and sadness of the past..   When I got home, my mother said my sister came back a few days ago and stayed for a few days and left again. I was immediately curious that my sister worked in a city thousands of miles away and seldom came home, even during the New Year holidays.. But now, she came back, when I was not at home. I didn’t have the luck to see her, my sister who has not seen her for years.. I walked into the room and did see the traces left by my sister’s return. On the table was the delicious food she bought for her family.. The room was still full of its delicious fragrance, mixed with the faint scent of her sister.. I can think of my sister’s appearance when she left last time. A young girl exudes vigor and youth. And she has hardly changed much in my memory of growing up. My sister is still the older sister in my heart.. I don’t know what new changes she has made this time. The reunion that took a long time will make our family full of joy and warmth, which is not found in the usual quiet homes.. And every time she comes back from her vacation, I will greet her with joy and joy, feeling warm and excited in my heart.. I think this is an instinctive expression of affection. Every time she appeared in front of me in a strange way, I would be one leng and then face up happily.. Compared with the pictures I saved earlier, she did change her image, her hair grew long, or she wore fashionable clothes, but in any case, she could not escape my memory, and she would always perfectly coincide with the image of the sister in my heart..     At this moment, my mother seemed to see my doubts about my sister’s coming back for no reason at all, saying lightly that she came back for a blind date this time.. Blind date? Blind date. But I realized extremely deep and slow. Unexpectedly, in the slow growth of my sister and I and the long separation between the two places, time has passed us quietly and quickly.. While we are still intoxicated with the joys and sorrows of the past, the years have inevitably pushed us to the brink of real separation. We are all growing up unconsciously. When we grow up, I wake up to realize that we should go home and rush into life alone. At that moment, the world does not care for us with feelings, but we are sentimentally attached to the happiness and sadness of the past.. We seem to sleep in the memories of the past, but when we wake up, we find ourselves at the fork of parting. We have no choice but to stop the independent growth of the individual. Everyone will leave the family that gave birth to her and brave to create their own future life, just as birds will one day fly away from their nests and build their own warm nest where they do not know where. The growth of life is continued in the process of such integration and separation. However, this time my sister suddenly came home from a blind date, which suddenly made me feel inexplicable lost, as if the sister in my heart had suddenly lost her. Even if my sister’s image had not changed greatly, I could still find her back from the boundless sea of people, but I would rather recall my sister’s and fragments that never grew up in my heart, which made me feel warm and carefree and happy, as if time would never stop there and life would not grow old.. I miss my childhood without guess, pure white and carefree, the time when I slept with my sister and walked on the road to school hand in hand, the warm time when I played and laughed with my sister and cried, and the childhood time when I and my sister drifted away.. We can’t go back to the past against the current of time. We can only trace back to the past with the thought of sadness and happiness and recall the beauty of the deposit and feel helpless..     One day, we will all grow up and fly away from home, our parents will grow old one day, and one day we will watch our children grow up in the gentle afterglow of the sunset.. And all the growing memories and changing years will more or less make us feel warm and lonely.. I am afraid that time will mercilessly pull us apart as close as brothers or sisters, or let us change our appearance in the name of growing up and erase our unchanging impression, so that we are all separated and separated by distant relatives and guests.. I am afraid of the coming of this day, but this day is long coming and will inevitably solidify into the end of all brotherhood..     My sister came when I was not at home. She used to accompany me through my childhood sister in my heart. My sister came back for a blind date. She suddenly wanted to get married and suddenly stood at the intersection of parting. I was about to lose my childhood support and let me play alone.. After all, she will be integrated into her own life, and I will meet her less often in the future, and each will have scruples and gradually create a thin diaphragm..[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]