be immersed in love


I remember having seen a photo before, when Ge You was a child, he kept close to his infant sister and looked at him carefully.. The photo was collected by Ge You’s parents and bears witness to Ge You’s brother and sister’s deep blood relationship. I am envious of the vision, if I also have a pair of small children in the future.     I didn’t think God loved me as soon as possible. I really had a pair of small children.. The son is three years and eight months older than his daughter. The old man said that if a son and a woman add up to a’ good’ word, life will be in good condition!     The son is a clever child and has always been obedient and patient. He grew up with his sister and was often bullied by her, but he knew that he was his brother and gave his sister everything as much as possible and embraced her..     The children who have grown up will also have quarrels, quarrels, competitions and grievances in their daily lives. However, I can also feel the mutual respect and love between the children in my daily life..     Daughter and son were studying in the same primary school. When son was in primary school, he was always a cadre of the Young Pioneers Brigade, and his work was always excellent. Teachers all agreed and encouraged him very much.. When she graduated from primary school, her daughter ran for the job of Young Pioneers Brigade Committee, and when she came home, she smiled and showed off with me, saying that she was doing very well in today’s election, and the teachers praised her for being as good as her brother.. She felt that she could be recognized and praised by the teacher like her brother, and she was particularly happy.. My daughter quietly told me: ” I saw pictures of my brother on the walls of the brigade committee. I am really proud of him.”! ‘ Son usually doesn’t express his love and care for his sister easily. Instead, he always complains that his sister is dragging his hind legs and restricting his freedom, such as robbing toys with him, running around behind him, for example, loudly preaching to his classmates in school that this is her brother, which his son doesn’t like, and how much he thinks his sister is annoying.. However, the real emotion always melts into the real life, quietly, and still lets people feel the love between children in dribs and drabs..     My son is a middle school student. He gets up an hour earlier than his sister in the morning. Every time he gets up, he will report to me,’ Mom, my sister is kicking the quilt again! Mom, my sister’s face slept like an apple, so lovely. Between words, all show the warmth between brother and sister.     I remember a time when my daughter’s ear crashed into the armrest of the chair and broke a large piece. As a result, my son hid behind the bookshelf and cried inside.. Asking his son why he cried, the son said that he saw his sister hurt and his heart was like a knife.. In the evening, she saw her daughter secretly tweeting that it was nothing to see her brother crying for her and feeling pain. She was so moved that she knew her brother cared so much about her..     The son applied to replace him with a mountain bike. So we went to the supermarket to choose, and the son said he wanted the kind with a shelf on the back. Daughter beside jokingly said,’ brother, are you going to send your classmates to school? ‘ My son walked over shyly for two times and said,” Yes, with my classmates, let them take me and be a driver for me, that’s good. ‘ sister bad test brother, ” is ready to take a girlfriend? ‘ Son said solemnly.” Mom, if necessary, I will ride a bike to send my sister to school. My sister will be taken care of by me before she has no boyfriend.. My sister’s small eyes suddenly became red, and she did not forget to mend her knife and say,’ Then you should cherish the time when I don’t have a boyfriend.!     The son said,’ life always has its ups and downs. Sister said,’ elder brother, you are my bumpy’.! The son said, ” My sister is a big toy that my mother gave her.” My daughter said, ” My brother is also her best toy. She can bully me at will and will not resist.”! The son said, ” If you don’t resist, your brother won’t beat you, because you are my sister.”! My son will buy some snacks, such as chicken chops, such as eggs, when he comes from school, but he will always give his sister a taste because he knows that she is a greedy little girl. The daughter always keeps good food for her brother when she has it, and always gives her brother a share when she has good food..     The son said, ” Mom, I will buy you a house in the future so that you can live with me and bring your sister.”. Daughter said, ” Mom, I will also buy you a big house in the future. You live with me. My brother has a soft ear. If his daughter-in-law bully her and bully you, you will all live in my house. I will take care of you and I won’t let my mother and brother be wronged.”! My tears burst into my eyes! What kind of happiness do I have!     Thank God for giving me a pair of good sons and daughters! Thanks to heaven, let my children have each other, let the children learn to cherish each other, care for each other, help each other, and learn to love and cherish the people around them.! I know that I have a pair of small children who have the most sincere blood and affection in this world.!