My daughter’s back


The following is a mother’s account.     That was what happened in summer, when my daughter was 6 1 / 2 years old and was in grade 1.     That afternoon, my daughter was about to leave school. Seeing that it was not good, I wanted to pick her up, but I was delayed for a while because of a little thing. God became angry and thundered, then shot countless rain arrows, thick, dense and urgent..     I quickly put on my mother’s raincoat, rode my bike, rushed out of the gate of the unit and headed for the school.     The sky was as dim as dusk. The wind followed the noise, blew and whirled. My face was immediately drenched by the rain, and my eyes barely saw the scenery on the road..     I panted heavily as I arrived at the school gate. I didn’t see a figure through the side gate. I called out my daughter’s name and looked into the reception room..     The guard heard the sound and went to the door of the reception room. He asked through the rain curtain, ” Which one do you want?”? After hearing my daughter’s name, I immediately said, ” I’ve been away for 4 or 5 minutes, why didn’t I come earlier?”? You’re such a dereliction of duty! ‘ My heart immediately tightened, without helping to explain what it was, and I quickly turned around and dashed in the wind and rain along my daughter’s usual way home.. Turn into the street and watch the eaves on both sides of the road and the door of the shop frequently, hoping to see her shelter from the rain, but not yet.     Within sight, there was not a figure on the road, and there were very few vehicles. Only rain and wind were blowing on the tarmac, sparking countless spray and faint mist.. A layer of rolling water film was formed on the road surface, which slid to both sides and converged into a stream at the edge of the road, carrying a few fallen leaves and running quickly toward the water drop hole..     I tried my best to push the car, thinking anxiously where she would be? Where did you hide from the rain, or did you go home? Won’t you go to the schoolmate’s house near the school? No, I dare not think deeply. I trample on the car desperately and hate not to let it put wings on it.     As I was nearing the crossroads, I suddenly found a figure on the right side of the road ahead shaking in the dense rain line at an oblique angle.. God, that’s her, my darling! Although she was wearing the same uniform, although she couldn’t see clearly in the rain, this figure was recognizable at a glance.. This is probably the mother’s instinct.     On the empty road, in the storm and rain, intermittent lightning and deep thunder, her back looks so slim, so weak and so lonely and helpless..     She propped her red bag on her head, held it steady with her right hand, symbolically sheltered from the wind and rain, and paddled with her left hand as if she were a cygnet who could not fly and was struggling to paddle with her solitary palm against the current.. She was almost drenched with white clothes with red edges, but her feet playfully tramped on the waterlogged road alternately, splashing patches of water and forming small waves.. At the moment, through her thin and slender figure and naughty actions, I saw her precious optimism, confidence and fearlessness in her heart..     My heart beat violently for a few times, accompanied by a dull ache, and the nasal cavity ran through a spicy sensation. I just wanted to open my mouth to call her, but I refrained – she was walking to the crossroads, looking to both sides, then speeding up and crossing the past..     I forced myself to calm down a little, rushed to her side, got out of the car, approached her slowly and let out a gentle cry.     Daughter suddenly turned, small face full of rain beads, immediately bursting out of surprise and moving flower appearance, let out a cry of mother intimacy.     I” ah” did not dare to speak, afraid of uncontrollable tears. I just reached for my bag and put it in the car blue. I picked her up with one hand and put her on the front bar of the car. I lifted the poncho to block her body, got on the car and continued to ride fast..     The daughter appeared very excited and talked about the school affairs in a garrulous way. For her, the storm and thunder seemed to be nonexistent..     I caught the gap and couldn’t help asking loudly, ” why don’t you wait for me to pick you up in such a heavy rain?”? As soon as she paused, she answered casually, ” I never thought of letting you pick me up.”. ‘ then continue to the original topic.     Her answer suddenly shattered my heart.     Good boy! ‘ I warble praise, in the sight of a blur.     However, I was thinking again, daughter, there will be many storms waiting for you in the future life journey. If you can always walk through with such optimism, self-confidence and fearlessness, that would be great.!