Father and daughter two books ( 43 )


Dear Dad: You haven’t come home from Beijing yet when this letter is sent to you?     Looking forward to your quick reply and sharing with your daughter the fruits of your training and study in Tsinghua University.     The most regrettable thing for my daughter this week is that she can’t meet her father in Yantai. originally you were going to visit Yantai for two days, but because her daughter couldn’t walk away from all kinds of busy weekends, she was afraid she couldn’t accompany you, so she couldn’t help letting you not come.. – Next year, my daughter will take time to accompany my father around Shandong.     Recently, I saw a passage from Mo Bosang, which touched me a bit: life can’t be as good as you think or as bad as you think. I think people are more fragile and strong than I think. Sometimes, I may be so weak that I cry in a word, and sometimes I find myself biting my teeth and walking a long way..     After reading this sentence, my daughter felt that life was like this. When we were worrying and suffering about something unpleasant, we suddenly found another village and a blue sky at a corner. Similarly, when we enjoy our colorful life, we don’t know how many frustrations we will encounter in the future and need to learn to face them firmly.. I was a crying child since I was a child. Every time you and your mother criticize me, my tears will not stop flowing. My mother has been telling me to learn to be brave and strong. The complexity of this society requires me to have enough courage to look at and face it independently..     As I grew up, I realized how important it was for me to learn to be strong, especially since I left the door for you to enter the university. I have to learn to carry any problems in my life and study.. I think I am a girl of true temperament, crying smile happily when I want to cry, and looking for all ways to solve whatever I want to do, so I always believe that no matter how long and how far I will go in the future, it is no big deal to believe in my ability and overcome all the existing problems with a smile..     Now every day except for class time, I will take time to go to the library and read English words on the back of English books in the morning, then casually walk into a reading room, take a book of interest and read the warm handwriting on the pages in the twilight..     Military, history, autobiography, philosophy and so on, I began to read, and recently I became addicted to reading the life stories of Xu Zhimo and Lin Huiyin, and I will talk to you about their wonderful lives after my daughter has finished reading them.. When the weather is fine on the weekend, my daughter will walk around the seaside city with a SLR camera on her back, not talking about taking good photos, but simply enjoying the feeling.. Sitting on the beach stuffed with headphones, lazily basking in the sun and blowing the sea breeze, watching the seagulls soar freely, the children ran to the beach to catch small sea crabs under the guidance of the old man, everything was so easy and quiet.     Every week, there are busy band performances and we like to rehearse and play music with them. We also dream of having enough capital to buy an SUV one day and then move all the guitar drums up and perform while traveling.!     Everyone has his own rhythm of life and then indulges in it. We can know what we want in our own rhythm.. This is the rhythm of my life in college. While striving for my learning goals, I cannot read, travel and music without my heart and soul. This is the rhythm of my life I want, and I can clearly hear myself in it..     There is a saying that either reading or traveling, body and soul, must have one on the road. I think my body and soul have come to the crossroads, and I will stick to the road and never go wrong..     Daughter