Hometown clean – up


In this land, there are more marks for the elderly. How many similar shadow, but I don’t know where to find. Just like the open space, once upon a time, it was not only a vitality. Just, drive to the ground, but also shallow years, until people forget.   Just in time for the big show. Yi Yi Yi’s costume drama seems to have been a childhood memory. I think of Lu Xun’s social drama. Whether, everyone’s childhood is engraved with the surprise and truth of the play. As for the old man, whether or not it is also a kind of cultural heritage and reminiscence.   The road to grandma’s house is narrow and tortuous. I remember the last time I came here, I couldn’t find the well as the only sign. I lost my way by myself and also deducted Chai Men from other people’s home.. Memory, also don’t know by which street turned away. Looking at the low-rise bungalow and a little historical decoration equipment, it seems that there is a kind of amorous feelings vaguely, which may be called simplicity or richness.. That’s something that another city can’t emulate and I can’t feel in another city.   From time to time out of Xiao Mao, excited my whole body cells, naturally sensitive to animals, causing excessive reflection, attracting others’ eyes to track. I feel a little wrong, and at the same time, I feel like returning to the original ignorance..   Finally, this time there was no wrong door, many memories began to emerge, but they were very incomplete. I don’t know whether I ever chased or played here, or whether I was called to stand here by grandma, or maybe I tripped over the threshold here.. Many ornaments have not been displaced, but some seem to be covered with a faint dust, very thin, but enough to show the traces of time..   Seeing grandma and grandpa, so many feelings are not simply explained with respect or filial piety. In their eyes, my identity has never changed. I am still a child. The mood is so strong, but it can’t be done … Time, chasing the time thin, but holding the memory full.