Slowly grow into what you want


Today is the second day of the’ first heart’ social practice team going to the countryside, the weather is hot, but the PE teachers did not slack off at all. They still took a group of children to PE classes under the sun, and the shade of the teaching building was small, so the PE teachers were basking in the shade to give classes to students in the shade. This teacher’s morality and persistence are worth learning from.. Today, I went to the first class I came to this school. The manual class, lily origami, may be a little difficult to fold. They all learned more difficult. Therefore, I went under the platform to carefully teach each of them every step. At last, most of the students were able to make it. I was glad to see the achievements of the students. Some of them even did better than I did. Perhaps this is shine on you rather than Blue.! I hope that the next class time can be improved, the classroom atmosphere can be enlivened, and the teaching can be better! As a first-year deputy teacher in charge, many new students have been added continuously in the past two days, making the number of students in this grade a lot, which makes it difficult for the first-year students to control. In addition, there are so many students in a class that the classroom is always noisy and many students can’t control at all. At this time, I realized how difficult it is to control a class and it is still such a big class.. However, I also try my best to manage my classes and hope to learn something, grow up and improve my ability in this social practice.! Come on, tomorrow you’ll have to strengthen your ability to take classes. Since you’re here, you’ll have to gain something. That’s the charm of growth.!