40 and confused ( 3 ) )


I was born in western Hubei and raised in Guangdong. I’m grateful for the land I’m treading on now, no matter what.     Thank you, Miss Tiffa Tang Bolan. The day after I arrived in Shenzhen, I went to the talent market. I saw her for the first time in front of the recruitment booth of Tiffa Company: she was in her 40s, wore a pair of glasses, had short hair and was able and smart.. When she looked at me after reading her resume, I smiled politely and shyly at her, so she said, ” Wait till you come with me and join the company finance department for a one-month probation period.”. I really felt like crying at that time. The talent market is crowded and crowded in front of every recruitment booth. Looking at the thick pile of resumes in front of her, there must be something better than me in them. I don’t know what she really sees in me, perhaps it is the gentle smile that inadvertently reveals the kindness and simplicity peculiar to mountain people. In short, she gave me the opportunity.. And this opportunity is enough to change my life and I have been able to stand in Shenzhen ever since. It’s a pity that Miss Tang died young, but the kindness of knowing her will never be forgotten.     Of course, I want to thank the boss Yinghai Li Tiansheng most.. Li Sheng is from Hong Kong and has invested in a large-scale dyeing factory. The company has been looking for a suitable financial officer.. One of the workers I didn’t know very well in Tiffa jumped to Yinghai as a salesman and recommended me to Li Sheng, so I ran for an interview. It was interesting to say that when I met him in Li Sheng’s office, he didn’t look at his resume or ask too many questions, but looked at me from top to bottom and said, ” All the suits and shoes he used to apply for don’t look like doing things, okay.”! It’s you.. ‘ I do wear plain clothes enough, and I don’t know how to be eloquent. Instead, I got his approval.. It is not uncommon for Hong Kong – funded enterprises to leave their financial affairs entirely to outsiders. There are risks in doing so. Li Sheng has even done some things in this respect. The company’s financial department is full of mainlanders and has no reason to keep close ties with him. Not only that, he also handed over the procurement to me, and at that time I became Yinghai’s ” red man.”. I was worried about my boss even when I heard a lot about it. He even lost his temper to him. He threw a word to you: ” Someone often said you were greedy in front of me, but I told them that I liked it.”! Archimedes said,’ Give me a fulcrum and I will move the whole earth.” I don’t deny the potential of human beings and can do anything to make you anxious, but the key to the problem is whether someone gives you this fulcrum or not.. A migrant worker, no matter how strong your ability is, but if there is no boss willing to trust you, reuse you and give you a platform to make full use of your fists, you are nothing when you walk on the street. In this sense, Li Sheng is comparable to a regenerated parent.. Those who laugh at me for being a mother with milk please shut up! You are sitting in the yard eating and talking, while greedily taking advantage of all kinds of advantages, while hypocritically reading the chants of fools, but I, the workers on the assembly line and so on, can’t even pick up a bone you’ve chewed. I don’t thank the boss for your kindness.? Less than 30 years old to early 40 years old, for more than 10 years I have left the most suitable age in my life in Yinghai, while Li Sheng has treated me very well.. During this period, life began to settle down, married, gave birth to a baby, settled down and moved the registered permanent residence.     Settling down in Shenzhen is the third watershed in my life. Besides, I’m afraid I can only talk about going back to my hometown to plant my mother’s acre.. I believe that many people who have come out of the mountains and fought outside are just like me, unintentionally and intentionally, and some things are cut off with one knife and one knife, leaving only vaguely discernible traces that are restored to clarity in occasional dreams..     ( to be continued ) )