A spring rain, how many tender


I always like to sing low songs and think tactfully at the end of the season. I always wish to make tea happy and count the time in quiet time. I also hope to walk lazily and have a tender heart in the continuous spring rain.!     On my way home from school, I spit deeply and took a deep breath again. I did not hold an umbrella, stepped on the fine spring rain, held on to the continuous rain, walked on the green brick road where grass sprouts were slightly exposed and soil was fragrant, walked in the dusk where the rain hit the dust branches and the birds concealed the noise, and walked in the long-awaited spring rain with blurred eyes and long thoughts.!     On the bank of the river, green willows, caressed by the rain, are about to drip. Small raindrops condense on willow buds to make fun of them, like ignorant urchins chasing bees and butterflies in the wild in spring, free, happy and free, letting their nature shine and letting their time be pure.. Willow branches dance, like a girl dancing in a clear posture, showing her beauty, beauty and grace on the natural stage.. How many tactfully stir up passers-by with a lingering feeling. I can’t help but recall the words’ River Bridge Willow, Zhanfang Spring, Reflected Water with Smoke and Flies Road, Several Times of Climbing and Giving Pedestrians, Dark Hurt God’, Let me always have a kind of sob and cool lingering in this spring rain.     ‘ The fragrance before the wind is soft, the spring is in the pear flower”, the pear flower is white and pure, white and jade clean, white and flawless, and the soft rain falls quietly on the pear flower, wetting the charm of the flower, but the trickle and little bit of jade bone ice muscle, plain and elegant, leads to love and infatuation in my heart and lake.. With this graceful and restrained tenderness, listen to the pathos of rain among the branches, can my mournful eyes dissipate in the rain?     In the face of rain, in the face of this world of smoke and rain, how can I bring forth a few wisps of sadness, how much injustice and how much numbness??     In fact, when spring goes to spring and comes again, we have inadvertently experienced the ups and downs of the years, bearing the ups and downs of emotions and enjoying the joys and sorrows of life. In middle age, who can be entangled in the past with thousands of plaints and perplexities??     Distant thoughts fade away, and the rain seems softer and softer. The rain bead formed by the light trigger tip fell to the ground and I wanted to keep it in the palm, glittering and translucent, but I knew I couldn’t warm it and keep it alive..     Looking far away, the scenery is misty in this misty rain, hazy into a long scroll of ink and wash landscapes. For the time being, enjoy the clever feelings in the rain, listen to the sounds of music in the long years, let the spring rain warm the years, let everything be still and beautiful in the depths of the years.?     2016. 3. 22