April, late spring. I want to break up my memory and throw it into an old time


It suddenly occurred to me that Lin Huiyin’s participation in you is the April Day Regulations of the world.     You are the flower of a tree and a tree, the swallow whispering among beams, – you are love, warmth, hope, and you are the April day of the world!     This April of falling flowers should be the season of love, and such warm sunshine should be the best witness.     My thoughts and thoughts drifted unconsciously to the early summer of that year. I lifted up my head and looked at the blue and purple sky. Then I heard what you said. Before I could hear it, I was carried by the wind..     Later I finally learned that you said you wanted to give me a hug that year.. Later, you said, full of joy, leaving only loneliness, expecting the gentleness of the whole life, but in exchange for heartless indifference. In fact, that year, I also expected myself to have an oath that was almost mutilated in beauty, except that time was stolen by reality, leaving a broken rumor in one place..     In front of life, you are small, so am I. friendship or love that once thought indestructible naturally presents a naked side in front of time and life, and you will clearly know yourself and those pale and ridiculous feelings.. It turns out that it is far from the trivial and innocuous haggle over every ounce of daily necessities..     Sometimes, don’t want to talk, don’t want to sleep, don’t want to eat, so die or die, live, mix the time and waste the time.     The original self. I like writing. My initial dream is to be a writer, free and lazy.. Do what you like, go where you want to go, love the person you want to love, but later on, I did what I don’t like, I haven’t been to any place I want to go, nor have I fallen in love with the person I want to love.     When my dream was destroyed by reality, I hid in a place separated from my dream by mountains and water, and could hardly remember my original dream and my most persistent self. Just, every day, I wore a large white coat that didn’t fit into the figure, and I counted the hours to live.. I forgot my dream and persistence, and what happiness and sadness look like.     Most of the time, we are used to hope that we will fail and then get used to it.     Perhaps there is always a time in life when we are full of uneasiness, but we have no choice but to face it bravely.     The sky in this city was filled with geese flying, white clouds flying, kites staying and tail gas flying. However, I expected nothing to be left behind.. Sometimes I feel sad and lonely. Even though I know many people, I still feel lonely when I laugh and shout at them every day.. On this night of thousands of turns and hundreds of turns, I had a strange nightmare. After I opened my eyes, I saw all night and the silence in the sky was clearly visible. I was born alone and closely guarded with me. After tonight, everything was a new starting point. I took no bright future to look for the starting point of my rebirth..     I listen to the clock, one minute and one second, the ticking sound, like the beat of my heart, has the rhythm of my heart beating, so rhyming, so harmonious, like a lonely and long love poem.     Want to find a time, turn your back to prosperity, go to the ancient town, look at the bridge, look at the running water, and throw the memory into an old time.. And then enjoy the quiet and peaceful warm sun.     I like to read a volume of poetry and books in silence during a person’s night or morning. I am not troubled by distracting dust, and my heart is as calm as water and delicate as water.. I like this kind of myself very much, clean, gentle and free from dust…..