Deliver your voice


I haven’t written a letter for a long time. My pen – catching hands have become stiff and the font has not been beautiful in the past. I ran out of the grid of the draft note with an oblique angle. Writing has become strange, unnatural and incredible..     Since I learned the computer and complied with the requirement of no paper in the superior office, I have gradually become accustomed to the kung fu of hitting the keyboard with ten fingers.. As long as you walk into the office every day, the crackling sound of the keyboard is similar to the noise of the loom in the textile workshop, and computer typing replaces pen and ink. ” The scholar goes out with a pen” has become history.     With computers, people begin to be lazy. No need to turn over books, computers are all – encompassing; Without a dictionary, computer is the largest reference book. There is no need to start writing, and the word document does not need paper or ink, saving countless expenses. People’s brains can’t beat computers. shine on you is better than blue. Computers were invented by the brain..     The chances of catching pens are rare, except for’ leading a pen’ or’ signing and reading documents’ or the chance for ordinary people to go to the bank to withdraw money, they can occasionally catch something and write their names. There are also teachers who can mark homework with a pen” ∩; ‘ Play ” ×”, as for preparing lessons, you can simply save them and download them directly on the Internet, which is both scientific and convenient. The so-called written test of many examinations has replaced the paper test paper with electronic text, and there is no need for a pen to answer the questions at all..     I would like to write with a pen, give it to my lover, parents and friends. Learn at school to express your love to your lover with beautiful handwriting, to talk about friendship with your parents in a loving tone and sincere attitude, but since the advent of electronic products, the expression of love has become pale and feeble, and the extensive and profound emotional culture has evolved into a series of dry symbols or invisible numbers..     I miss my life in the past. In the years when traffic was inconvenient and mountains were blocked, Hongyan’s biography itself was a manifestation of a romantic complex.. I don’t see my lover’s letter every three autumn days, nor do my lover miss my words every three autumn days. As long as it is a letter, no matter who writes it, it gives people a kind of hope and a kind of consolation. Each letter can’t wait to open it, and then carefully read the hot lines of text, whether it is love, affection or friendship, one leaf at a time..     Now, we often sit by the computer and open the buckle space. Online chatting has become a fashion. However, it only increases the communication between friends and decreases the affection between husband and wife. There are more words to tell events and less lyrical elements to talk about. Brush strokes are not fine, language is dry and even hypocritical.     In the early years, the night was quiet and sitting in front of the desk, the bright moon was bright and empty, and thousands of miles of acacia floated to the imagination, ” Liu Shao’s head on the moon and people were about after dusk”, what a beautiful night it was. ”. ‘ after the war-fires of three months, one message from home is worth a ton of gold”, How important is the letter? Life is at stake! Su Wu shepherds sheep without a letter from a swan goose. His experiences may be quite different … Ah, when we unfold the paper, ink and ink, and write the true feelings in the world, the words that gurgled from the heart do not stay shy, leap onto the paper, pour out the suffering of lovesickness, express the heart of love, narrate the feelings of friendship, can be touching, can be filial, can be friendly, can go where love goes, and can reach where it goes..     However, today everything is brief and euphemistically called: time is life. To also hurry, to also hurry, people have become the crucian carp across the river. Can’t sit down, can’t calm down, busy with social parties, the heart is impetuous, with’ feeling’ to’ go,’ feeling’ to control the independent view, playing with oneself irresponsibly, also playing with others.     I want to write a letter. In the quiet hours of the night, I sat by the window, holding a pen in my right hand and supporting my cheeks in my left hand, so that a bright moon could accompany my lovesickness, and write a personal letter to my lover, parents, friends, word by word, even if the font is not as good as that of the previous year, as long as it is true.