Greetings from the Island of Ammozhou


On the morning of the summer, at four or five o’clock, the sky was just white with fish-belly and everything was pure and refreshing, like a light ink painting filled with the smell of grass.. Early in the morning, we began to wash up and pack our bags and go out. We walked for an hour and a half from Menggang Primary School to Cunliang Village, without fatigue and irritability, but only with the enthusiasm of the villagers.. What impressed me most was the interview with the owner of Cunliang Fisherman’s Music. As soon as we entered their restaurant, he called us to sit down, warmly served us tea and brought out local famous bananas to entertain us. He did not sit down and talk with us until he had prepared these hospitality manners. During the interview, he gave us many suggestions and also provided us with other help.. From the fisherman’s joy came the seaside, looking into the distance, only a piece of white was seen. The sea water and the sky are integrated into a whole, and it is impossible to tell whether it is water or sky.. The sea in the distance, under the delicate and charming sunshine, is like scales spreading on the surface of the water, and like naughty children jumping towards the shore.. If you ask what this survey taught me, I think it’s etiquette. It taught me to show my identity and then smile when I went to the villagers’ house. I said thank you for disturbing you when I left.!