Holiday feeling


The Mid – Autumn Festival holiday, there is no travel plan, originally intended to go to the countryside for fun, but the traffic was so crowded and overloaded that it was beyond imagination that I had to live at home, watch TV, play games, get tired and want to go out for a walk, but the bustling crowds and the hysterical cries of vendors in the street also made people miserable.. Lying on the sofa, a sense of emptiness and loneliness that I couldn’t find a way to follow came to me. I felt unjustly about the festival, but I didn’t know where to start..     According to common sense, the traditional festival brings infinite jubilation and holidays. It’s not a great pleasure to have a holiday, relax your work, relax physically and mentally and even get together with friends and relatives.? Just looking back at the scenes of the past festivals, the heart felt that the festivals were becoming more and more dull, not what was wrong with the festivals themselves, but people, lost and lost in the evolution of the times, leading to the natural change of the festivals..     I remember when we were young, when we met festivals to celebrate, the family always tried its best to cut half a catty and eight ounces of meat, and then made some so-called delicacies that conform to the characteristics of the festival, such as fried wheat and pork head on February 2, fermented grains of sweet wine, dough noodles, cakes rolled with oil cakes on the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes on Mid – Autumn Festival, steamed buns on October 1, pickled vegetables, vermicelli and stewed vegetables on New Year’s Day, and so on, which always enjoyed the flavor and enjoyed a long aftertaste.. During the holidays, I will also visit friends and relatives, such as my uncle’s house and aunt’s house, to visit them.. However, we can all predict what guests we will come to on which day or when we will go to whose house.. Therefore, when his nephew or nephew came home, the family had prepared the food early, and the simple stewed dishes were all made of vermicelli, powder, potato chips, dried peppers and pickled cabbage, accompanied by steamed buns and rolls, which were affordable and delicious.. Is sauerkraut vermicelli and the like. Accompanied by a long noodles and a long noodles, it is also a good meal.. There is also the special holiday snack, such as the fermented grains of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is refreshing and cool. Moon cakes on the Mid – Autumn Festival have a unique flavor on each floor, the sweetness of roses, the fragrance of flax, the full mouth of raw incense, and the endless appetite for them.. After eating, I just play all day and sometimes stay overnight, but I can’t forget to stay for a simple visit.. There are special treatments for children who have gone, such as a few candies, a handful of melon seeds, or a handful of peanuts, a few red dates, two or three persimmons and so on.. He has been holding it in his hand for a long time, but he is loathe to give up his mouth, lick it, and wrap it carefully. No one needs to teach it, and everyone will understand the truth of the long stream of fine water..     It is inevitable to visit relatives’ homes for gifts, but at that time, I never worried about what gifts to take and always tried my best to do what I could.. When conditions permit, it is expensive to buy a box of biscuits or two catties of white sugar. If you don’t have enough money, it’s homemade holiday food such as steamed bread, oil cake, moon cake and sweet fermented grains, or a few eggs.. No matter what things, the host is courteous and said,’ what do we want to pay attention to when we come?’, he will treat each other with sincerity and bring out the best things to entertain at home. after all, courtesy is light and affection is heavy. If the guest takes steamed bread or the like, he will say,’ Our steamed bread is still steaming well, and it doesn’t get sour, you have a taste of it’. When the guest returns, the host family pays attention to not letting the guest return empty – handed, and will ” reciprocate” like steamed buns. When you come, you take eight steamed buns, and when you go, there are ten steamed buns in your bag, and the reciprocate is more than that.. So, eat and eat, drink and drink, play and play, you also ” earned”.     If young people who have just got married have to ” recognize the door” in the first month, that is, visit themselves and the bride’s close relatives, the young couple should recognize the door of both close relatives and the elders, so as not to find a place when they go or not when they meet on the road, it will be a shame.. If you turn all these relatives around, you’ll need a lot of gifts. If you take steamed buns, you will need several bags in nylon bags. It will take a lot of effort to pick them up, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you take two or three or even one or two more steamed buns, the gifts you take out will only increase and won’t decrease, so you will often come out of your house and take them back to his home again. This will save trouble, and the relatives will return with full load at the end.. However, the new son-in-law is suffering from relatives, and the hospitable rural people pay attention to the new arrival. It’s just a stranger not to eat. They have to hurry up several times a day, so they have to survive if they can’t eat. In a few days’ time, they just eat and feel numb. Don’t say other ” pranks” aimed at the new son – in – law..     Today, when we enter the fast track of the times, we are at a loss when it comes to holidays.. Because of the pursuit of economic development, many relatives and friends have moved to other countries to look for fertile soil for rapid development or to work outside. It is already difficult for relatives and friends to meet each other within a few days after the Spring Festival. The original pattern of three to five miles adjacent to each other and as far as dozens of miles has been completely broken. In fact, it is the development of the society that has forced people into this situation, and poverty is a forced choice.. In order to settle down, everyone’s ideas in the small-scale peasant era have been broken. Only by following the trend can they survive. As a result, the affection was weakened – the passive and helpless weakening. Even during the festival, you can only send a text message, make a phone call, greet each other, and hope for a few percent.. The atmosphere of happy gathering under the first festival has long been lost under the rolling wheels of the era train. Only Spring Festival seems to be the best time to get together. However, this kind of time, whether it is for guests or hosts, seems to have become a difficult proposition again. For example, if you plan to visit relatives and friends, you must consider the gift, hesitate repeatedly and make up your mind. What gift should you take in a shop full of gifts? The concept of ” courtesy is light and affection is heavy” is no longer tenable. It’s not good and you should be fooled. Fake and shoddy products will humiliate you.. Plus, no matter whether you are an office worker or a migrant worker, your miserable time will not be easy, and you can only do some sightseeing in the form of a dragonflies and sightseeing tour.. People are set up in the program, come and go in a hurry, as if someone were pushing you and urging you. The bottom hasn’t warmed up the kang yet, and it’s just where the next family is going. As far as the host is concerned, how can he treat guests without losing etiquette when they come?? From food to alcohol and tobacco, it’s simple. It’s not easy for people to say it once. After all, the conditions are much better now, and the table top can’t go up and down, so we must try our best to upgrade it.. However, most of the guests, who only ” tasted what they needed”, filled a table full of big fish and meat, plates of sugar, melon seeds, peanuts, pistachios, fruits and so on, did not move a few chopsticks, and no matter how attentive they were, they could not eat any more.. The rest of the family had to eat leftovers for several days. Besides, Zhang San came today, Li Si went tomorrow, leftovers and leftovers could not be stuffed in the refrigerator.. It’s a pity to fall, but there’s no place to place it. As soon as the guests enter the door, they say ” hello” and have to prepare food, otherwise they will feel uneasy if they are pressed for time and do not eat or drink out of the door..     So, whenever the festival, that kind of simple, that kind of calm, that kind of warmth, has slowly faded away. Formatted and programmed festivals, like’ infected with the virus’, are almost useless no matter how hard they are repaired.With the rapid development of economy and society, people have become a’ spare part’ on the wheels of the times train, which has been welded firmly and swiveled around on the cold rails. Although it is decided that the speed is not in their own right, they are bound tightly, even if they turn dizzy, they cannot stop by themselves.. Who is also” kidnapped”, who is” kidnapped”. The festival also became a material and spiritual double burden, which was hyped up in the contradiction between expectation and anxiety, but couldn’t figure out what to make..