I love to climb the trellis alone


As early as 10 years ago, I also published dozens of articles at the national, provincial and municipal levels with my youth and diligence.. At that time, I worked as a clerk in the power supply department in villages and towns, responsible for communication reporting and file management. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I only like to climb the trellis, and I have a propaganda task every month, so I have to read and write articles and burn the midnight oil.. Every day I cast a net to contribute articles, and then I waited for a long time. Most of the articles were sent to the sea without any news.. About December 6, 1998, the courier sent a letter on the letterhead of Tongshan Daily. I can’t wait to open the newspaper with ink fragrance. When the big temple coal spots became a newspaper fan’s bean curd cake article, I jumped and jumped happily and carefully clipped it on the diary. Later, China Electric News, East China Electric News, Jiangsu Electric News, Xuzhou Electric News, Xuzhou Daily, Tongshan Daily, Jiangsu Environmental Weekly, etc. published nearly 100 articles of news literature and 3 thick scrapbooks.     Later, due to the mobilization of work, the invasion of electronic culture, the popularity of computers and smart phones and the further deduction of WeChat, I spent less and less time writing, so that I did not publish my work in the newspaper for more than 10 years, the fast-paced culture and biochemistry was too busy to write in front of the desk, and besides, I did not want to endure the time for 10 – 30 yuan’s writing fees. How poor have scholars been since ancient times?. A 10 – year – old friend of mine asked me if I was still climbing the grid. I gave a wry smile, but my heart was not strong enough.. But what he said rekindled my dream of writing again. As a result of my many relocations, scrapbooks and many books have been sold as scrap by children who don’t know what to do, so sell them as soon as you sell them.. After hitting Luo Chong again for another 10 years, I will relive the old fast and sad life and make a life without regrets. Who told me to love climbing alone?