Judge true and false by heart


Lu Xun said, ” when disillusionment comes, we don’t see truth in falsehood, but in truth we see falsehood”. in real life, truth and falsehood exist at the same time, such as real goods and fake products, truth and lies, real people and statues, flowers and plastic flowers.”.?   Are all the holidays bad? The play is false, but there is truth in it. A white lie is false, but it can help the patient to recover from illness.. In the battle, the enemy can be defeated by striking east and west.. Some of the words are true, but they sound false. The world is very big, facing countless true and false, some helpless, some disoriented.   ‘ absolute truth” does exist, but life can only get” relative truth”, may get” final truth”, and will never get” absolute truth”.?   We often hear people around us say that this is true, that is true. Also often hear people say, this is false, that is false. I think the truth and falsehood here are only the truth and falsehood of life. For the universe, there is only one state, and there is no truth or falsehood. That is to say, the universe has no distinction between truth and falsehood. Only for life does it have a distinction between truth and falsehood, and it is necessary to discuss truth and falsehood.. So, for life, what is true and what is false? I think it is true that the understanding of life is consistent with’ absolute truth’, while it is false that the understanding of life is not consistent with’ absolute truth’.?   People who have not been polluted are very true. People who have been polluted but bleached are also true. When I was a child, I was not deeply involved in the world, so I really did. When we were old, we didn’t have the strength to deal with the world, so it was also true. There is a man who is false because he sank with the society. In fact, sometimes, fake is also a means of protecting oneself.?   We can look at the current network. The meaning of the word ” net” in the Xinhua dictionary regulations says that fishing and bird catching devices are made of ropes and other forms. And said, things like nets, such as net pockets and barbed wire; Events like the Internet, such as recruiting talents; Organizations or systems like networks, such as communication networks and propaganda networks. This shows that today’s ” information network” is a ” virtual network” woven from radio waves.   It can be seen from this that what is commonly referred to as ” Internet access” is to use communication equipment and equipment with communication functions, such as computers, mobile phones, etc., to connect the radio waves of terminal equipment with the network organized by radio waves, just like a motor vehicle driving on a traffic network woven by roads to a designated platform.. However, the transportation network is a visible and tangible entity. The information network is an invisible and intangible sight. In the actual society where people live, there are still cases of fraud, not to mention in the virtual network world.   One report said that two cyber lovers met in a small town. The woman was a young woman and the man was a 60 – year – old man.. The young woman asked to buy expensive gold and silver jewelry before she could open a room and live in a store.. This strange condition was obviously premeditated, but the old man turned a blind eye to the clues of fraud.. So he gave up all his possessions and generously bought a pile of gold and silver ornaments. Unexpectedly, after the property came to hand, the lover and the young woman had already run away before they could open a room and stay in the store, leaving a poor old man without even a few dollars to go home and buy a train ticket..   There are many frauds on the Internet. When chatting, the cheap expression of ” kiss” and ” promise of love” can be seen everywhere.. It is distressing that many people, especially some confused old people, are fascinated by lust and easily deceived. In fact, if you want to identify the true and false, it is not difficult. Is to believe in a principle, that is, those who honor their promises are few and far between. No matter what the other party said, everything will be all right if his promise is nonsense..?   This requires a person to have strong discrimination. The discrimination comes from’ careful’ and’ observation’. No woman dressed as a woman’s daughter or a woman dressed as a man’s son will be considered by the audience as’ male is female’, or’ female is male’. Because the physique, psychology, language and habits of the actor who plays Hua Dan are essentially male attributes, changing from one time to another and becoming difficult for a long time..?   That is to say, after a long period of time, the solid state will resume its eruption. If you talk too much, you will lose something. Of course, people and things on the Internet are often fictitious and unobtrusive. It is more difficult to distinguish them than in real life, but they are not indistinguishable..?   The so-called’ words’ have been said too much. Take the’ blog’ as an example, he always posts and logs, and often writes comments and replies. This is the’ internet word’. Although the online conversation is silent and distinguishable, it has the brand of male and female attributes. After careful scrutiny, it is not difficult to see the appearance of a man and a woman.. Unless he doesn’t leave” information”, or specialize in” post – transfer”, it will be more difficult. However, it is not without a trace, because its behavior is often gender – sensitive, and it can be more or less clear from the tendency..?   In addition to gender, so does age. Parents and children, because of different times and experiences, often cannot talk about each other. This is the ” generation gap”.Therefore, from the point of view of each person’s habit of posting posts and commenting on language, and from the point of view of discussing things, like wrinkles on his forehead, it is also an obvious actual age.?   Although’ fake for real’ is more terrible than’ fake for real’, there is no illusion that you cannot see through it as long as you study hard and observe carefully.. Therefore, the network also does not scare people, as long as you have deep observation, it is also like in the classroom, like in the teahouse, like in a bar, talking about things in the world, or Sang Ma on the cloud.. This is the complex of Jia Yucun and Zhen Shiyin in the regulations of a dream of red mansions.