A question and answer – offend Yan W, Zhang Xincheng days of entertainment, Nazha favor,


A question and answer offend Yan W, Zhang Xincheng days of entertainment, Nazha favor, Qin Lan paste, Ole wait, look for the star Yuesao nanny throwing money at it today, it continues to send welfare!  Thumbs up to + sofa, a total of 2 100 yuan per person, 357 Entertainment January 2018.Endless Joy1, would like to know Yan Yikuan, recently read the small building and the east, looks really super super handsome ah Yan W particularly good for his wife, it was with a pail under the same love her, in order to seek a role Kakitsubata Creek, also offended some actresses come forward.2, feeling Zhang Xincheng little brother too attractive friends!I recently heard that he signed the day of entertainment?  Ah, he’s signed a day of entertainment.”First love” for the record company is mango, men should have considered him, after all, is the company’s own play, but was not yet fully established, the male also contacted Bai Jingting, Ji Ling dust.Etc. 3, Nazha has announced a new endorsement, but she was a fan of the purchasing power of the general feeling, ah, how the brand will vote for her?  In fact, Nazha film and fashion resource has been good, although traffic is not really top, but Yan, fashion sense and sense of play are more, or to support her fashion darling location.Coupled with the sunscreen before her little flower to bring in hot search, the ability to bring out of stock, each attended modeling will be discussed, Beauty brand still makes sense to vote for her.And she had earlier sent a content of the brand, the brand side of her has been very popular.4, Qin Lan feel the momentum of a very good start, how to be so now paste?  Qin Lan “Pearl 3” became a hit, and Huang Xiaoming love soon pass out, followed by another and Lu Chuan romance, that time is her most prosperous time resources, relying on Lu Chuan got a lot of good resources, but both after people break up all of a sudden fell out of resources.While it fared unsatisfactory, Yan also trigger slowly, but people are still very generous.5, immersive looked like to ask the teacher Ole?  Zhao despite the good acting, but his temper is very durian, some people Telescope.6, see Tong Liya Huang Xiaoming said her family Yuesao poached, Guo Jingfei said his family is the best aunt aunt HHH .Suddenly want to ask the star Yuesao, nanny are where to find the?How much is the salary?  The kind of high-end nanny intermediary ah, but also recommend each other between the stars.If the future is to find an intermediary, or broker assistant general will go to the contact, screening rounds, then to interview the stars.Wages are not high, almost like an assistant, also thousands of it, but do well there 8K-1W you remember last year mentioned to you before, a man and two modern drama Wˉˉ drug caught do they want (but the crew blackout, not how outgoing), two days ago went to the Royal Park, just listen to a friend in Beijing, said the actor is in charge of their case ha ha ha ha, so clever ye!They also thought it was very handsome guy, did not think an actor, this last male artist also fined 2000 Entertainment Editor: small child playing ▼ Press the two-dimensional codes, two-dimensional code to identify the figures are concerned nest