At night, doing so in bed!Never let a man crazy in love with you!


At night, doing so in bed!Never let a man crazy in love with you!  Each woman will have their own ideas, that is, men do not want their outside eating, with another woman to share his own man, so most women will exert a variety of trick to grab the man’s own heart to understand the next 3 to make men love to dress up with the brilliant idea could not make the bed below.  Some women usually love a good talk, but in bed, often silent, but lacks some emotional, playful, full of vitality speech. Maybe she’ll feel the heart, with eyes hinted, might take the initiative Blows, might reveal some oblique Fenbi.But it is also delicately forget Fangchun, talk about their feelings and praise for her husband.This may be because the traditional concept of mischief, also may fear should not respond, so as dumb like, with some kind of depression, do something that could have unlimited relaxation of a good thing.  First, the wave noise transfer people’s blood boil in fact, a man quite like philandering, unethical goblins, perhaps hateful, but those waves excited voices adjustment allows the man, not his own.Sex..Love is a physical exchange, but also an emotional communication, and if you give up the language, is bound to affect the harmony of body and soul.  Men not only like to do with your eyes..Love, like to do with our ears..Love.Sex..Love is a feeling process, to participate fully in your facial features, will make this wonderful sport do more perfect investment, and more colorful.  Second, do not want naked now also the most fascinating hidden sex also need some packaging.First, do not think that is the best expression of naked, in bed, this time is often not candidly reveal the time, more of a modification, that some little distance now also want hidden, often make both the soul was lost Some longer.  Second, the package was exquisitely delivered.One woman wrote to the magazine at the time, you’ll regret not cope talking about a way to make her lose face details: One night, her sleep early the next, and that her husband will not have sex the night shift caused, it would not take a bath up on the bed, Much to her regret was actually wearing a broken a few holes of underwear.When her husband want to enjoy candlelight Sleeping Beauty, shocked.She described herself in there is really no bed self-contained, too lacking in the image.  Understand the love of a woman, will be pay attention to the image of his bed, not in front of their own people do not think that the United States, do not think the bed of the body, you can easily send, your baby Yu-yi, will make a beautiful dream of doing longer.This is a respect for him, but also respect for their.  Third, you must be clean with a hint of incense here, it is worth mentioning that all the packaging, the most fundamental premise is: you must be clean, and then with a hint of incense, not too strong, too strong, and like a human being attached to the side of the nose sniffing that 10 minutes spent unleashed strange incense!Because men often, is how care nose, mouth sex, and even if you do not wash bath to ask someone how gentle?  Are you ready to seize their men?More than three measures that most women need inner feelings, if you also, strive to do it, just let your man will always belong to you.