Be tolerant to diversity


Be tolerant to diversity Text / snow really want, you want to go touch the cheek that was attractive and inspirational blue countless times, countless times shocked me in my dreams glittering marvel as a shell, a mermaid have many times, many times you will call secretly caressing, it is almost, almost suffocating, endless blue * a tipsy white rose, ethereal, leisurely stroll in the clouds of water, shimmering like Lan Shan fantasy, like smoke stroking skirt sleeve of a robe, you know you Nama blue? It was exhausting cloud just want to look forward to life, you can close a broad embrace of thousands listening to your words make me tired heart, in your deep breathing in the placid, quiet, safe a beautiful warm * gulls in the pale blue sky, gliding, diving, circling hidden in the snow piled up a thousand of you joke you know, that was my only wish is permanent in the lofty mortal world, meet with you to this end, I silently in Shuiyun meditation millennium, the share of persistent obsessed with a thousand times, a million times just to repay past life unfinished edge * share of early summer sky, soft, bright ray of breeze sections, fanning your face and you play, sing leisurely late or superficial, or jumping clear Huan, or the great tide you ever know, that was my only heart Lan even, not embracing this life you have to pass through the other side, silently praying for you if security well, * is sunny June day, scorching a river gurgling, meandering constantly thin figure has been eastward, toward the east so hard your side you ever know, that’s my heart in spite of the harbor I’m just a small point in the rivers if a dust, Kind of small but I have no regrets no complaints, because no one in front of you, whether it is so ordinary * dawn or dusk you will always be so relaxed, calm Enron I tread on your thin hair has finally come to you, listen you whisper to stay, part of our commemoration of that string of footprints deep and shallow, that was my boat a boat filled with clear and shallow thoughts of a Fanfan love of the sea ah *!I will never forget the sea you be tolerant to diversity regardless of leisurely turbid monstrous, or small streams trickling always so Broad and inclusive as I will long, long time to listen to you my whole heart to the hearts of twilight, you soaked the pupil of the eye I’ll dye your Qiao Yan, your bay of your generosity, your broad, and you whisper of the waves into the belief that silence to the dream Lan