Nanning street now "bit hit Donkey" User: congested roads and more convenient


"Didi taxi" is not new, the "bit hit Donkey" was born, or so many people feel fresh Nanning。
Since mid-December, many people found on the streets of a group dressed in fluorescent green jacket, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood electric bicycle drivers, they all come from the same software platform "donkey (sound the same 'drop') travel," said the popular point, is the "bit and beat her," operating with "Didi taxi" similar。 For such a new thing, but also the public opinion was polarized, the relevant departments have not done so, but concerned about the。 December 19 afternoon, the reporter tried to download about car platform "donkey travel" about car registration and mobile phone。
Reporters choose to visit Lake Square from the Cloud View Lu Nanning Daily, the system displays, two kilometers away, cost about 10 yuan。
During the next single orders to the 1-minute countdown, if no driver orders will be automatically canceled it in 1 minute。 But until the end of the countdown, they have no orders。 Reporters noted that APP on this page, there are interactive message, some users advice on how to join "bit and beat her," there are friends lamented that "a few days, not a single", "Order sound constantly, but they do not show content, sensory system is far from perfect. "。
During the interview, the reporter learned that, "donkey travel" launched by the Internet, a local software development company founder Huang Yue was a bit driver。 He said, because in Nanning see a large number of electric bicycles available for the use of resources, so he pioneered the net about electric bicycle model。 Just launched less than a week, the platform downloads travel "donkey" to nearly 5000, while the electric bike owners registrations also nearly 500。
Huang Yue said, the platform has registered the driver checks "to upload the owner of the ID card, and to verify whether the vehicle itself qualified。 We strictly control, in the form of manual review to review. "。
As this mode of operation, can be admitted market, it remains to be the test of time。 So, about the electric bicycle network is compliant traffic management department of it?19 day, the reporter also consulted Nanning City Transportation Bureau, the staff said they are also concerned about this, will understand the specific situation。
In addition, the reporter learned from Nanning, the traffic police department, "playing donkey drops" can be road operations, outside the scope of police jurisdiction, but as long as the vehicle is on the road, they must comply with traffic regulations, such as overloading, retrograde, red light and other traffic violations, traffic police department will be punished according to law。 ■ public users point of view: the public Mr. Wei: personally feel eDonkey orders is a good thing, but pay attention to traffic regulations, road safety。 After all, eDonkey prone to accidents。
User "little girls selling matches": Support for legalization!In some places near the taxi do not want to go, congested roads do not want to go, I really have a "bit hit Donkey", then, it would be much more convenient and save time。 Netizen "small caps": This is a security risk, not like those soliciting train station, just hang a name only。
User: "Didi and beat her" no operational qualification, in case something happens on the road bike, division of responsibilities and claims is a problem。
Source: Nanning Evening News。