Beach mystery


Bugs Bunny killed Sheriff Bob is eating breakfast, suddenly received the alarm call: incredible, Baba Bu sergeant, were killed on the beach in case of Bugs Bunny.Police officer on a black bear excited stuttering, even simple report can not tell.  Babu was a sergeant in the dog community famous god dog, who set an outstanding service in a number of major cases, the current state of hip-hop Sheriff.After receiving the report bears a police officer, sheriff immediately Babu has always been quick to jump on vigorous skill police car, set off to the site of the incident Feng Chi Qing.  The scene of Bugs Bunny on his back lying on the beach.Whole body cold, pale blue black, his eyes still wide open double death, grimacing.Black bear police officers are busy rattle, rattle the camera, and an autopsy of the body as Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny who has found several serious bruises, bruises.See Babu sheriff arrives, black bears puzzled police officer asked Bob Sheriff: Sheriff to Bugs Bunny optimist personality, he will not take things too hard to commit suicide.But if he killed, why no other footprints around him yet?  Sheriff Bob arsenic poisoning with sharp eyes scanned the beach, solemn expression, casually replied: This simple, this is the beach Well!Just close to the sea to escape the criminal side, the morning tide waves will certainly be his footprints washed away.  Black bear police officer scratched his head, again full of admiration eyes looking at the Sheriff Babu.I saw Sheriff Bob walked beside Bugs Bunny, with his keen sense of smell, the body carefully sniffing around Bugs Bunny again.Finally, stay in the mouth parts of Bugs Bunny, focusing sniffed.Sheriff Bob smell a terrible smell of vomit.A closer look, Bugs Bunny nose, mouth side are oozing bloodshot.Must have been poisoned!Sheriff Bob certainly infer, fast delivery Police detail Attorney.  Attorney result soon came out, a large number of shrimp in the Bugs Bunny stomach, digestive juice contains something called arsenic poisoning.Who is toxic under?Just what are investigating last night for dinner and the Bugs Bunny on the line.  Thus, the arrest last night to eat seafood at the beach together with Bugs Bunny and?Song a few buddies children: brother rabbit, rabbit third brother, brother six rabbits.Three rabbits are a very innocent guy like: eat are the same, but we did not poison ah!  It seems, do not come up with conclusive evidence, they refused to give up.Sheriff Bob frowning, the fastest told police action dove to the whole state of hip-hop various pharmacies, hospitals investigation.Only to find out the results, six rabbits brother went to the hospital to buy a large amount of vitamin C for the treatment of oral ulcers, did not anyone bought arsenic.There is no evidence, suspects had to be acquitted.  Conspiracy behind the three rabbit happy guy, and even some triumphantly out of the police station.Sheriff Bob waved to the action of the most agile monkey police officers, together secretly trailing away.Track all the way, came the most magnificent state of hip-hop Happy Hotel, opened a three rabbits guy went in the room, Papua police chief also immediately opened an adjoining room with them.Sheriff Babu and monkeys police officers entered the room, immediately close to the wall to hear what the guy in the next room a few rabbits that is certain: they will talk about things related to the case!But frustration is that, no matter how sensitive the monkey police officers and sheriff Babu hearing, could not hear the conversation next door.  How to do?Hip Hop Police can not bug those advanced stuff.Sheriff Bob frown, softly told the monkey police officers go to the nearest hospital by a doctor stethoscope.Monkey police puzzled, but still do so quickly borrowed.Sheriff Babu put on ear headphones, listening to head attached to the wall.Ha, next door to the conversation clearly even reached the ears of Sheriff Bob: Haha, a lot of shrimp Piga lot of dimension?With food, thereby generating arsenic!Babu said the magical wand that case, he could not think of Xiangponaodai slightly.This is a rabbit six brother triumphant voice.  The youngest really high ah!Skiles dug up the bag of gold ingots to let it go.This is the rough voice of Big Brother Rabbit.  But after we enjoy the endless wealth and status ah!Rabbit in San flattery.  Sheriff Babu heard here, angry, no longer contain himself, out of the room.Bang!Kick open the door of the next room, he raised his hand to!Who Moved I’ll shoot!  Three rabbits handsome look of horror, do not understand how they fell from the sky Papua Sheriff of it?Heart is virtual, but still fooling: We’re not just been acquitted yet?There is no mistake ah?Sheriff Bob.  Humph!You do things you do not know yet?Honest account of it to the police!  Snip, snip, snip.Three three pairs of handcuffs to lock the hand of evil.In the face of irrefutable evidence, such as mountains, three rabbits honest guy had to plead guilty.When admitted dinner that day, in order to give the name Bugs Bunny calcium to persuade him to eat a lot of shrimp, and added a lot of dimension in Bugs Bunny fruit juice?.