Beach village ___ golden light village


REVIEW finish and features views of the beach village ___ village of golden light, I can not write enchanting temptation.Only used to come here and hid the boat filled with sun, continue to record this beautiful long for.I do not know how long it can stop beach village?    If we say that the lake is beautiful and richly endowed Gaoyou Zhang beautiful cheeks, golden light village is long in the face of a beauty spot!  If we say that the sun sets and slowly disappeared in the sunset blossoming, it may be light golden village by boat towed back to their own back quietly into the garden.!  If, green trees, crops belonging to the land that belongs to the Green Wave eyeful Maner of Spring gold lights of the village!  Prosperity of the West Village, ink-like Zhouzhuang, do not think all too familiar.But, this beach village ___ golden light but there is a different view of the village and Features.  From north to south across the Grand Canal, came to the dike top West.It greets you is a masterpiece of ink flow.Endless Gaoyou Lake and Heart Lake itself embracing, I felt calm.Lake Fishing nets intertwined, as if filled with different sizes to Bagua Zhen.The right of reeds grow lush, large tracts of seduce people’s thoughts, if hold a boat, sailed into the narrow lane of reeds, singing birds and insects actively look for in a meandering river, the fish roaming, snakes small painted line running water traces, water gently Yang Zhao breath of plants, wind sent reed fragrance.Very comfortable!Lake water attached to the outer days, poetically turned over the Green Wave waves, wave after wave after another to beat the shipo shore, vibrant, mysterious and spiritual.Egret birds like the painting of pear, dotted with the influx of Western scenery, and walk back and forth of Sail Ships flying the red flag open voice, patting ducks powerful wings, Jane kiwi play the music, the sound filling the green.In the evening, the sun sets and, at the angle of the sky and water, the golden sun shines over, covered the entire lake.At this point, you are the clothes on my face golden, open mouth smile teeth also installed a layer of pale golden.Bird feathers, fence Penny, and fishermen’s boats, Whey pick up all the gold.Inadvertently, tired of the sun, leaving thousands of miles of pink clouds blossoming, and thus will not lie down and quiet sound, and slept into the fisherman’s cabin, canopy cover is in the middle reaches of the sound to the line and jiggle, and drew near.The bitterness, beautiful!If you take the camera, the memory used and battery will be significantly weak, and this is the nature of this scenic village every day to enjoy the golden light luxury!  Finished top plots in the village of golden light, Gaoyou lake scenery.Let tired eyes a little rest, a leisurely look at the golden light under the eyes of the village dock.Golden Village is located in Gaoyou lights northernmost border with Baoying belongs to a village under the jurisdiction of Jieshou town, is a special village, raised the water village.The canal is left and right is the West Lake, the lake according to built, originally from Shandong, Anhui, Lake, some local fishermen collections, year-round fishing for a living, Gaoyou Lake is their private plots, sunrise and sunset interest.A section of sailing close together, like the water in the three military forces stay on the shore.Standing on the platform waiting to see the tall, it seems to return the majesty visible Zhuge Liang Caochuanjiejian.In order to give back to the late fisherman found the warmth of home, so they lit a bright stage of kerosene lamps do beacon, named Golden Light.Later, hard-working villagers in the dock at the lake, with a simple debris build houses, and now the big brick tile three beams of the house, access to electricity, built a village department, schools, health in one.This dock will be named for the village of golden light village.The village has a population of more than 800, 300 people.Good-hearted people of the village, hospitality, as long as you come, they will be proud to take you to their home garden look.Lotus leaves, prickly Gorgon; wild chestnut vanilla; crabs claw transverse hairs, jumping fish, turtles upward exposed brain breathing turtle; there was plump mu Reed flowers.If fortunate, but also saw the wonders of the sea mirage Shing House, go there to watch the spectacle Oolong absorbent.  With a curious mood, we are walking into the village.Along the rugged west slope down, not far from the eyes to see that the lake naked tied with boats of different sizes, while several boats, they are people from the village raised “livestock”.A passage connecting the north and south cement Murao village, which is the aorta village, a full-length.5 km.Both sides of the symmetrical placement of the various villagers.Canteen, machine repair shop, school, village department, water them well behaved interspersed in the village, well-organized.Walk south, two old people chatting thirty-three two days, surrounded by a group of young people there, laid out a clear demarcation line between the open to kill.Some couple carrying booty hurry to go into RMB, always followed behind left pigtail children.Slightly larger children like loach-like water-based practice in their own Chuanpang.Nets everywhere here, hard-working village women are always laid out in front of their own battle, whipped up and down the hands of the shuttle, knitting a section of a long fence, knotted the four seasons of life green!These villagers decorative than urban poor, some of them are in town, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, solar, induction cooker, digital LCD TV, everything complete a number of household appliances, even the French perfume can smell.Here forthright person!Thunder sound waves near the machine, the villagers coming home, tying a good ship, to invite the moon and stars, the three friends four friends Huan wine, wine which goes to the heart in rippling sweet dream, with three bowls but Gang male gas.Stepping poet Li Bai’s poetry threw back home.The next day, the day has not yet dawned, they were all full of energy to start the open arrow-like boats, go its own lake fields of labor.Au dark complexion, strong arm, hard-working rich vividly reflects the spirit here.Spring Festival every year, red lead, to worship the gods of the pig is red, the ship is floating flag fluttering in the breeze, booming couplets, such as when the first love of lipstick left on the body, visible everywhere inside and outside in the cargo hold home front room on the shore of the posts are full of deep spring and vision for a better life.Look north, you probably thought it was to the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, it could be a playground to the south side of West Lake.No, they are villagers resourceful and decisive development of tourism.Qinhuai River boat moved to a seaside tourist boats pull up, the bridge’s southern misty rain floated, invited guests and friends all over the world.Here, you can feel the breath of the ideal world, the natural simplicity, cordial accent, as well as villagers beating the fiery sinking heart!  From the village, going out is tons of tons of fish, shrimp, crabs; go out is the famous double yellow duck egg; go out batch after batch of talent is!Going out is stunning natural beauty!Yang Wanli lotus poetry can be found in this, qing lights in Jiang Sheng can procure this, Li Bai’s poems quiet night you can feel in this.Here the ecological balance, charming, innocent girl, pure reed.Attracting a large number of large number of tourists, photographers, writers and poets.  End and features views of the beach village ___ village of golden light, I can not write enchanting temptation.Only used to come here and hid the boat filled with sun, continue to record this beautiful long for.I do not know how long it can stop beach village?Gaoyou Lake by the state as flood Rujiangshuidao, the village would have to move, it will make people feel a hint of cool taste ah!However, this natural landscape still exists, village of warm golden light, sunrise, sunset and return life will not change!  Lake is the wings of the wind!  Echo Lake is a bird!  Mirror Lake is a moon and stars!  Bone marrow is the village people’s lives!Buried loved ones home!  Who does not love a good home?Out of school children and loved ones at home and abroad, often brought home, will be proud to say that I’m the only scenery here is fine!