Beacon and signal tower


The vast sand, blew.  Wounds stained the ancient beacon towers, despite the wind and sand play.  Information under the shiny silver tower, but almost equal to the clouds.  Beacon information in gigantic tower, looked so wretched, short.I seem to hear it in the plaintive to tell her faraway Canmeng: smoke signals, war, Sisha, blood, dead bodies, dust bowl.In time relentlessly honed in, it is a careworn, physically disabled power failure in the elderly, the elderly such a statue, so that newcomers occasionally to see, any imagination wings, think back to the history, mind passing touch of nostalgia to pay homage idea.The tower flashing light, like a sword, cut off your mind takes you to the reality of a hurry.  Information proudly overlooking Beacon tower, spire straight through the sky, the ancient and modern cut, the space is narrow, the seat of numerous invisible bridge, building off each foot in the world, the history of that dreadful car, rolls to the Beacon column information, a new modification suddenly, swift Benz, remove a heavy load, traveling light.  Beacon edge, so to repair a tower, is the great modern whimsical imagination, it is a warning to humanity of history: in a rapidly changing river of time, too easy, it will throw in behind the wheel, are a relic of nostalgia for people.  Do not believe, listen to their conversations it!