Beacon dream


Saibei wind call sign memories of the vicissitudes of history, past towering beacon of phonology in the grand seems as if the cavalry riding volley off the setting sun spilled sweat and blood and tears cast you cast a vision of the armored collision sparks ancient plank road you still image Saibei beckons you still glowing with the wind and rain outside the customs Yan Liang with dripping blood and jagged bones filled with smoke signals and raging fire was finally completed a history of heavy stand on your shoulders monastery is surrounded by tall far hope border wind swept the flames smoke signals beyond the Great Wall has long been overtaken by white clouds rain honed sword killer bow already overtaken the moon and the stars no longer Bells tragic echo in countless inscriptions in the ruins overtaken by grand poems coming and going of the passing century in the rustling wide open big surprised eyes once again shine no more faithful than your magnificent belief that you do not have attracted worldwide attention in China this magnificent and powerful you are more persistent than ideal layout you lie to the vicissitudes of history and splendid city Public Security Bureau Chang Xing Bao Quan [editor: tree man]