Beacon for the elderly


Where irrigation estuary not far from our home, there is a mountain called Island mountains.Before the liberation of the island is a desert island mountains, above the vegetation is not long, far from land, surrounded by a vast sea.He never lived, with only perch.    The sea at night, surrounded by darkness, the opposite can not see people, a storm day, pitch-dark.Fishing boats in the sea surging difficult to distinguish direction, coupled with stormy.Before the liberation of one a small ship, sailing backward technology, sometimes often have vessels running aground or hit the mountains on the island, the boat accident occurred crash.    According heard Later, a man voluntarily to the island, when the island has no forage, no water, he was alone, with limited food and fresh water with the ship into the sea to the mountains on the island.    The island has been uninhabited before, knew nothing about the situation on the island, the ocean, there is tide, typhoon struck the island often, even a person hiding place did not make such a decision, which!How much courage ah!    Since the old board island mountains, every night raised island has a lantern, a beacon lantern lamp, with a weak light for fishermen, fishing vessels heading indicates, for their home lit range.Although a limited light of the lantern, in the depths of the ocean seem weak, be in the heart of the fishermen, it is a light, a warm.Whether fishing boat in the direction of the sea, how far from land, as long as they can see the light on the island, there is the feeling of home, feel safe.Later, the old fishermen Morijima provide navigation lights, lighted beacon lights do a mass ten, hundred, fishermen know, as long as the exchanges of fishing through the island, and the old man would stop to talk, chat; to him some good, as well as freshwater and fish.    When I heard that once, there is a small boat was unfortunately storm knocked over, the ship is broken, one as young as 20-year-old fisherman, he was holding a Ship, fighting the wind and waves, he ah ah float floating in the sea, about exhausted , felt themselves to die, then he stumbled a lantern to see the island, he lifted felt from land near.He exhausted body strength, holding tightly to ship plate, then just turn large offshore wind, wave upon wave upon wave lifted him, threw him again, he saw the lights from the island’s own Vietnam come closer, so he increased the confidence, feel more hopeful, he said to himself again and again, going home, I can not die, I want to survive.And he floats day and night at sea, finally met other fishing boats rescued.In fact, he rescued a place to leave the Island there are more than 50 years.The elderly lights brought him confidence and courage to make him produce the desire and strength to survive.    Later, the young man rescued, specially bought wine to the mountains on the island reward for the elderly.Old people by surprise, as if he did not make anything for young people, when the young man told his story, the old man also moved, he firmly believed that his career more.Since then, regardless of wind and rain, he lit lanterns on time, for tens of thousands of fishing boats forward illumination direction.With the elderly lantern, near the mountains Island no collision accident.    When the old man on the island, living in a cave, sometimes a few days can not see a person, lonely, even a speaker did not encounter stormy weather, the mountainous waves, toward the island, wind the island even barely stand up, in order to raise lanterns, have to pay much courage and sacrifice.Old people day after day, year after year for the service boats, and fishermen have forged profound friendship.In mid-1939, the Japanese occupation of irrigation estuary, fishing boats have fled their homes, even if there is no escape, and the fishing boats hiding, no one dared to go fishing, some people go begging, some people flee their homes.    Later, the fishermen say: the old man did not know what was happening outside, or every day, as usual lit lanterns.One day, suddenly warship boarded the jungle island, Laileyibang Jiliwala speak do not understand people, with shining bayonets, forcing the elderly to give them hanging lanterns, the old man finally understand what’s happening outside.The Japanese continued to let him stay on the island for the Japanese service.The elderly without saying a word, after the Japanese left, he has been blissful silence, eat or drink.By the time he was found, he had starved to death on the island.    Later elderly people died analysis, there are three reasons, first he is reluctant to do conquered people, died of hunger strike.Some people say that is because the fishing boat unable to go out, no one sent him food and starved to death; it was also said that the elderly are experiencing a storm at sea, unable to find food Poverty and ill health and died.    Anyway all speculation, the old man died, many people do not know what his name is, what your name is called, but do not know where he came from.Fishermen in honor of him, and got a stonemason carved on the island “beacon elderly” four words to remember him forever.