Beacon Hill – my barracks (the outer one)


No no walls, gates blocks of red brick tile-roofed house lying scattered on the hillside high or low or gel or possession of which is go with the flow or build distinctive fortification did not hear gunshots but not Daoguang several more bark birds in the valley linger in the square columns echoing not uncommon in uniform and out of a jacket trousers hidden in the cave did not raise flowers unknown species of poplar trees and flowers growing on the hillside wanton this is where ah this is not a hillside village but when the bugle at dawn when Song melodious loud when the valley in the dark tunnel bustle duty when alternating figure ah!This camp is a unique sight into the city get out of the love of the mountains, bringing back memories of his comrades can not do without the parting of the barracks when the dawn of the New Year Remote Blessing illuminate my barracks still green exhort my bluegrass smell as Notepad Unplugged seedlings do not Dabie mulberry, half-hidden in the mountains green shadow.  Military unburned smoke tight, fixed bayonet readiness busy.  Southern winds sent waves, to the cable strung EAST CHINA SEA.  Suffering does not change from Rong Zhi, Gan youth to the defense.