Beacon Hill Dream (a — d)


REVIEW: Beacon Hill, far away: standing on the campus looked, mountains and blue sky phase; early Qing rain, clouds put on a veil for her.Sometimes, she is clear: in the rolling hills, Qingfeng two towering into the sky, like an upturned saddle.  One dream Beacon Hill Beacon Hill, close at hand: It seems just outside the northern gate, according to many campus scenery in the background has her clear.Beacon Hill, far away: standing on the campus looked, mountains and blue sky phase; after the rain, clouds put on a veil for her.Sometimes, she is clear: in the rolling hills, Qingfeng two towering into the sky, like an upturned saddle.Sometimes, she is hazy: morning, it was tenderness Feelings in the morning; the evening, she was standing quietly in the sunset.In the dim misty rain, most do not have a charm, like wearing a veil covered, became Mona Lisa Smile.Pentium winding Lishui, at her feet playfully turning a Waner, surging to the east, flowing with a legend; the history of smoke coming from the name, revealing our ancestors yearning for culture, it as the river overlooking the rice Zhen Shan, sustenance of hungry people’s desire for the same meals.Her away from the sea, but when the soldiers out of the Navy, whether some hidden mystery?  I remember school had organized several times to visit, but also a friend nearby holiday outing, but because all or this or that reason, and opportunities pass by, I wonder if my lack of sincerity, or sometime once again proved.Two Sunday afternoon dream of Beacon Hill, sunny, is a rare good weather.  Immediately on the phone with the teacher Li Ping (former disciple, colleague today), turned out to be “minds think alike”, so he take off his horse.Turn left out of school, flying zero River Bridge, allowed to enter the industrial park, three curved around the two came to Beacon Hill Village, just a small roadside shop, save for a motorcycle, the boss is keen to show us the way.Navy barracks have been seen outside of armed guards, but we only far line to salute him, then turn left along the cement road, along the road side of the barracks wall, around a ü shaped Waner, only and turn on the road.Along the winding mountain road, the road hills, full of green pine trees; the terrace under way, in addition to a small amount of canola, rice pocket only after the next harvest, revealing faction winter leisure taste.Opposite looked over, is still a verdant pine tree crevices looming white wall, I guess also the barracks.The road on both sides of the plain magnolia tree, put the foot of the road known as the “Magnolia Road,” you optimistic about it?  Stepping “Magnolia Road”, at the foot of the wind, there was an immediate house came out – it really is the barracks.But the door did not sentries, only peace of tranquility.Through from a few houses, but also no cross-examination, and occasionally there are soldiers out, busy in the vegetable patch, white shirt, navy trousers, as usual crew cut, youth badly!It has been approaching the end of the road, where it mountaineering?Amid lush vegetation, a path through simply looking for – Nana!    Beacon Hill dreams of the three teacher and student were, in this winding road wander, explore the path up the mountain.  Li Ping poke the bushes, seems trails to be found.Uncle I – of course, Li Ping, boldly move forward together.Miyuki Shu Shibu, trails thicket vegetation disappeared, then came back with nothing.Forward again, another road waved to us, can not wait up the road with mountains, people turn with the road, like the winding streets of the realm, to the left, right, up,.There are cliffs in power, seems desperate, sigh no dodge leap, did not help with climbing rope, I had to quit.  It is already the third time.As the saying goes, “three to complete,” road of hope appears on the front, it is full of mystery, the temptation to us.Think of the words of Mr. Lu Xun: the world would have no roads, more people walk, it becomes road.Thus, the vegetation along the thin place, or bow to escape para Chino, or bow avoid thorn vine, about a hundred paces, to find Bo Cang several strains such as towers, especially conspicuous in the bushes, that which is hidden a secret?  On its way, boarded the hill, eyes suddenly light up, turned out to be a tombstone; closer inspection, the red regular script word tells us: four ordinary name, they can not know who they are, do not know which come from all over the world a corner; but we know that in order to build the Republic, they sacrificed their young lives, the land of the Republic, have their bloodstained Glory.Surrounded by a quiet, it seems that even the birds stopped singing, silently, stood in front of the tomb, we offer – respect latecomers!    Beacon Hill Dream of the four Martyrs standing side, looking view, although surrounded by trees and verdant, but the foot of the garden, still looming, but to take pictures, not the best location, field of vision ah.The mineral water on the gravestone of the base side, to leave a memorial martyrs.Up, stepping on the trails.On both sides of almost all chestnut, Ficus virens, as well as clusters of para Chino, all high over head, sorry ah, we are not too short, but their size is too high, it is no wonder, full of environmentally friendly products enjoy it?Playfully branches often cross bar on the way to what hurdles?We are not Liu Xiang ah, look at it politely, curved waist, ninety bow; it does not work, and they shook hands on it, but beware para Chino, you should be especially careful na, sharp as a saw on both sides of the leaves teeth, accidentally, it will make your hand a little blood, that is not fun, we are not Luban, presumably what invention?However, do not despair, ah, just roadside small yellow flowers, is enough to hook your feet, it is very tempting?    Only one foot down on the trail, full of yellow leaves, pine needles up, step up, rain, soft, almost inaudible voice.Occasionally a few birds chirping, and to welcome our two occasional visitors, or because we disturb their quiet, did not even say hello to fight, they rush into their kingdom and protest it?- Here’s quiet afternoon.    The most striking is the metal framework, than height, which of course is a giant on the hill, standing there, really sky, there is photographic evidence of it.It is “with heaven in stature,” or “piercing blue sky Ngok not residual”?That kind of stand out, whether it feels a little lonely?Looking around, eyes filled with pine trees.However, all is not high, it may be developing age, I think, next time, it must be tall youth?I think open voice shouted out “I love this blue ocean.”- you know, we have a naval here, but, ah!No, it was changed to “green” the good.Most unfortunate that there is no trace of wind, even the leaves are quiet as at the child motionless, across the green, the sea is calm, I want to Greenfield bursts?- next time to appreciate it, if we really want plenty chance.