Beacon Hill mind


Beacon Hill just north of the city’s fresh, it usually looked up and saw a look, but you really want to up the mountain, it is not a very easy thing.Qingyuan mountain, mostly in Stone Mountain, very narrow mountain road, many sections have only one lane wide, you can still see the occasional roadside stone falling from a height.Winding mountain road, away on deep clouds.Encounter a little more open place, it has a number of farms, that is, visitors to enjoy local food village.We drove up there for an hour, along winding paths, see a big sign that says “mountain fishing village”, then to the destination of this trip.Sign is not small, the village is not large, only five or six people.Surrounded by green hills, between the two lands, three strands of smoke rising, a creek between the village and the road meanders through, plus the rushing of fresh air, man car drunk.Across a small stone bridge, we entered the village.Name of the village fishing village, is the beauty of fish, fish eating slimming.Thin fish originally just an ordinary carp, are stocked in streams in the Villa owner, after about six months or so.As the stream Guadan, the fish will lean a lot, the meat becomes crisp and refreshing, sweet taste more delicious, much better than usual.Thus, people in turn gave it a new name thin fish.Coupled with native ingredients in the mountains, carefully prepared by the chef of the village, admiring the man really is a lot of it, is the “sell themselves, fish and shellfish fear akin to finding far” ah!    Another beauty of the fishing village that is the stream.Winding winding streams coming from the mountains, stare slightly in front of the village, and waltz back into the mountains.Clear streams, like a mountain in the neck hanging string diamond necklace, like that of the narrow shallow flash silver chain, that is the width of the deep emerald gem.Emergency relief when the water gurgling when anxious, when slow silent, and as if playing in the mountains is a wonderful movement.While open some time before dinner, we stayed in the front row.Initially, the shore road to be found there, along with the further away from the village, the trees gradually motley up, not a path.Remember paradise is not in the “Forest to make water” at it, so we will put shoes on the upstream and.Pinnacle mountains is pleasant to the eye, the face is breezy, cool the foot of the marching Banchi, really exceedingly pleasant.Stream a few turns, the front is still the mountain heavy water, look after the houses have already gone.Early valley sky dark, as if the sound of insects also clear up.Front corner past suddenly there came a noise, like some people enjoy the cool air in swimming, among hesitated, just phone up, we will return back to the village.It has not yet find a “Forest to make water” at, but for this small village we ever do is not a paradise!    Inscription: Beacon Hill in hard put pen to paper, Narathiwat drink and then silence.Lean fish taste dash of spring, meaning how many joys and sorrows of concentrated tea.Luxuriant mountains around Yanzuo, Visible moon hanging into the cup.Cloudland should Xianjia in just Bluebird has Yaoran.