Bead-like smile


Green grass.Three, not one.  I could not say the words, “I want to be like beads like laughing!”Quietly broke the awkward silence.Followed by three times, “giggle” Han Xiao, a fresh head against the failure of a small rabbit.  However, my behavior does not make sense to make them very “silent”, but he really buccal wondering: “Who are you laughing?Why are you laughing?Shamao children!!!”She is ‘refute’:” You just silly, laugh specific people called!However, to say ‘like beads like laughing’, like wrong oh!At least in the Chinese grammar to make sense.What you want to laugh like beads like “ah?”I looked at the remarks were anti-I, thought: She must be a regular drip with ‘through the nose’ of rhinitis.  In fact, they do not understand my own words in “beads” in the end mean, not to mention here called “beads” is not I have been obsessed with sun beads, but rather that pleasant golden corn kernels pearl.But I was struggling to explain, so I just added the phrase “just want the same smile as beads!”People laugh when they let the world see his teeth.When the teeth are happily string together, the above string, following a string, refined, orderly and full of shiny.Chunhongchibai of course good, but if we are all so no meaning.I once saw someone with a “gold” laugh.Pack a thin layer of gold sets on those teeth, more conspicuous luster.The kind of smile, child I do not like that kind of laugh especially ugly, inside and movie children, as “gold teeth” is only the bad guys have the.But now, I have tended to accept, and then like a.  There will be words that say so, I just want to see the smile “civilian”, the natural and beautiful.Corn kernels, not valuables in China, but it’s rare I am, rare look, rare taste of it, like its character, distinctive and luxurious appearance, taste mellow sweet, character Jingya Chiang Kai-shek.Saw a corn on the cob, maybe no one will be surprised.Beads arranged on the cob was neat and orderly, it is particularly crowded, but never lost the natural quiet.So, I think people laugh is also the case, from the inside out is white, from outside to inside is yellow, elegant and generous, common and not contrived, but also with a touch of sweetness.I like like corn bead-like smile, laugh can be issued at any time, not laughing, a small smile!Speaking of smiles, I thought of my father’s smile.Dad never laugh no sound, never, so I can only say that a smile!  His happy smile in the air is free to walk so bold, yet so delicate and exquisite like his glorious smile on Yao that the ancient ivory Wen Yun, the world according to flash his smile like that touch of earthy fields of drift in the dark his smile villages like the pearly moonlight quietly arranged to fall on that beloved book.By this time, I seem to hear the sound of my father a laugh, hearty and in style.But I’m not sure the exact orientation of the laughter came, it was like a piece clouds on the head this time, hot pursuit of breeze, with no jewelry to wear!  Laugh, originally without any wear, it is pure natural.From the inside out is white, from outside to inside is yellow, and nothing more.  Harvest season, the summer sun has not faded.Receive some hot corn harvest home a quarter, Huang Liang bright yellow.Corn too, hit a finger throwing stick, terrible pain.I know my sister is a joke, so I do not know whether to laugh or cry, so I wept, but grinning, smiling innocently.  When the beads out of cob, I do not know what the effort to use a sack of corn from Norway.Standing next to sacks just stare at those golden golden corn kernels, hand grasping a handful of just 10.I know that once a sack on the beam hole, which I will have no right to dispose of.As these days, hard to smile.Look in the mirror, his eyes cold, upper and lower lips and the like as close pliers.Behind is a serious and expressionless people, I am no longer willing to think about those corn kernels, you can enlighten me only my own.  Perhaps, as you said, laughing, not metaphor.But who can understand, to laugh in my eyes, like the wooden bucket in relation to corn beads, white light retinol, friendly, natural!