Beads of justice (Taiyuan Evening News)


Li Chenxi daughter, Christina XXI one hundred and sixty centimeters tall and weighing nearly sixty kilograms, high school students address him fat Ah, kindergarten classmates joked old fat, the family called her the nickname beads.    Beads have always liked to see the comics Causing loss of lives after teens like to read “Water Margin”, “San Xia Wu Yi,” “Three Kingdoms” and other books, and now to see if we watch Korean dramas, family drama she would immediately return to his bedroom to open the computer to play games Landlords.    Although the beads mighty long, but it is also very clever sense of justice.If the mother is not very good for a little grandmother, she would bluntly criticized the mother to caring for the elderly.Whenever the neighbors praise beads mother how to honor her mother, I thought to myself that there are eighty percent of our credit beads.    Once the bus, the girl sitting next to her on the train started eating durian, the smell of that vehicle passengers smoked windy, people have voted to go eyed girl, but she did not follow what happens is the still eat.Beads already take it anymore, durian sudden snatch snatched the girl from the window and threw it out.The girl did not wait to speak beads he said: “Do not stare, do not quarrel, fight also beat me, curses, but I give you ten dollars, you get off to buy, just eat, not eat now!”The girl looked at the beads, wanted to say swallowed back.    In kindergarten, some children do not listen, there are psychological bully, see the teacher looks skinny, and talking back to the teacher, the teacher angry straight stamping.After the beads came in and said to them: “Mom and Dad have to listen to at home, grandparents, then in kindergarten have to listen to the teacher, the children do not listen to what the teacher said I unkind to you ah!”Just a few words, disobedient children to see such a great teacher obediently honest.After kindergarten, when children do not listen to what a teacher says Lee came, like all good little cat as a.    Summer, beads proposal with her prize for the three of us each bought a pair of sneakers, after obtaining the consent of her mother and I, we came to the pedestrian shopping mall.When we try to pick their favorite sneakers, heard outside the shop shouting “catch the thief” sound, the store’s customers shop gush rush to see fifty or sixty meters away from where we have a man and two women being chased two thieves.When twenty meters away from us when, just watch the customers and rush back to the store.I am considering whether to help catch the two thieves, I suddenly heard the plop immediately “whoops!OMG “shouts.It turned out that run in front of the thief was pretty beads of fat feet stumbled to the ground, another thief too closely also fell to another thief who.I look beads, I saw her hand bomb the bomb hanging on new shoes in the dust that action, very chic very beautiful, and immediately after hearing the applause of onlookers.    I sincerely admire beads: daughter big, mature.Not only is she pretty fat, that kick is very pretty!    Name: Gui even address: Beijing Wang Xin Zhuang Town, Pinggu District 20 Campus Road, Wang Xin Zhuang Town Government Zip Code: 101200