You do not need to care about other people's short positions


Stocks is stocks, irrelevant。 Like life, see the neighbor's wealth accumulation is not necessarily the same dimension。
Just because stocks are mixed in the same market in the short term, it is inevitable not to see each other face between stocks。
Especially someone just designed the so-called "market index" this stuff, totally unrelated to the original pattern is broken。
That the vast majority of investors are talked about in the index, the index is running to become the focus of a lot of people thinking the object。 What A La, B wave, C wave, what MACD, KDJ and so on, a lot of technical indicators have emerged。 The stock market has become a favorite noisy, theory, but ultimately did not answer the place。 In fact, the whole cut through education and Guizhou Maotai high is simply a sports ground two completely different sports events。 You are you, I am me, you play you, I play my。 Stock market investment, in essence, is to hold stocks, which have so much relevance?Smart investors will not be entangled in the low and adjust the index, staring at the margin of safety。 Make appropriate policy is the best policy, is the pattern。 In this structure, the use of the vast majority of investors are not smart, to the corner to pick up the shiny gold coins。 The market for my services, but I did not succumb to market。 Market forces bigger, you can not stop the final performance of the company's outstanding。 Not the index did not use, but the index is simply not a core investment。
True knight, temporarily down, only moderately more fishing some benefits, once identified direction, his heart will not bow。
While many investors choose short positions, you can Opening!!!。