Beam Swallow


As a child, listening to old people in the village speak, swallow is an auspicious birds, where they are staying, to where it will bring good fortune.So, a little heart, has been full of respect for the swallows, like them, but never not close, but looked far.    Since then swallows complex root in my heart, in the spring, I always blankly at the sky every year, looking silently swallow track.At this point, if fortunate enough to see their shadow, I hand no foot wrong excited, excited shouting, “Swallow, Swallow, fly high, swallow, swallow, come to my house!”Every time, always chasing swallows far, far away, from the shadows until they become black dots, and finally disappear, never to see any trace of the time, I was disappointed to stop, small The first heart feel a little aggrieved.    Later, happened to hear people say, good people get good fortune, good intentions will get a good newspaper, the boy will get other people like it, so I began efforts to help others, also rushing to do housework at home, it is hard, very hard to want to do a good boy.I think so, I always get the blessing of the bar!In this way, the swallows are not going to hold anything against me now!As such, they should be at my house, right nest!    Sure enough, another year in the spring, I actually found the two swallows in front of her house, they draw a beautiful arc in front of me, then stopped at the elegant courtyard of the branches, as if deliberately over to play with me say hello.I was flattered, in a thin spring rain not daring to move for fear of accidentally scared away this lovely swallows.    It swallows, in addition to a white belly fluff, the body is shiny black feathers, a pair of light wings, plus a pair of scissors-like tail, in this breeze drizzle, to this spring added a bit of color Smart.    Swallow, he settled down in our homes, not in my house.Even so, I am still very happy, every day in the morning, I have to look at it swallows uncle’s house, came home from school, do not forget to say hello to play with them, in harmony for a long time, but in a little accident occurred in the afternoon.    That day, listening to complain aunt, look at this mess eyeful of the house, I suddenly some panic, do not know how to help clean up this mess that swallows.”The nest to poke it, or put it aside go!How to live it like this!In this also how to eat it!”Aunt helpless sigh.    I looked at the table full of bird feces full of chairs, a sudden I do not know what to do, just start moving to hear this swallow, heart suddenly anxious.”No, aunt, I beg you not to put it away Swallow!Aunt!”My aunt took arms, constantly begging, young age, except that I do not know what this can do for the swallows.    Swallows finally retain, but the first thing I did after school every day into a clean-up bird droppings, even so, I was still very happy.I do not know this little swallows know all this, but they murmured cry seems to be moving more and more of the.    I do not know when, I suddenly found that tall bird’s nest which actually reveal a few little head, then came to understand that swallows recently out why so frequently.Swallows have a baby, and I am full of joy.Since then, I have time I will be crouched down bird’s nest, watching the swallows come back again and again feeding, every time, those little guys are always scrambling to head out, twitter barking, I secretly laugh below, for fear accidentally frightened them.    Swallow grew up, often the whole family can see them fly in the sun, spring and autumn, they draw on the yard over the numerous beautiful arc Road, also in my memory has left many warm picture, but, they eventually went to the south, leaving the empty nest.    Spring of next year, they will come back!Swallow said that nostalgia is a bird, I think, they should remember that they have worked so hard to build the home before it!They should remember that they had a right laugh yard!They should also remember that children have in their nest at the busy bar!    Swallow the beam, which is a symbol of happiness, like a spring, always gives infinite hope.    ”Jis flowers are open, the new milk Yan Yang Yang” This swallows the winter already in the past; it swallows comes, can spring be far behind.?    ”Thinking for Button, title mud nest Home Ownership Scheme” Is this the world and who do not want to do this beam swallows, guarding their loved ones, the fly is hand in hand, in pairs, Build yourself a better future it?