Beam walk along


Take a deep breath, eased heartbeat.    In front of ten meters is a node.    The head of the steel beams, in the foot, is the starting point.    That a steel beam, not the end, is a turning point, the next starting point.    This is not the way of a road.    Life through numerous road, but not which one is more amazing than this one soul, will sharpen.    This is a way not to make mistakes, spans the air.    Walking in the air, like an eagle, a hawk cliff climbing.Agile, able.    The hands of the security rope, a circle of open, fixed at each corner, and then fixed, tighten, then tighten.    Thin, flexible, it sustains the life of every worker.    Forward, walked along steel beams.    Wind rising from the soles of the feet, can not fly, can not run.    Tree-lined trail of flowers is far, far, far up the little wooden bridge in a dream, and call it a day after the river home.    Steel beams along the front line, eyes look ahead, the pace can not be messy, but the body still trembling with the wind.    Steel beams so hard straight, but unsteady walk in my footsteps, soft and rough land, made me run free.    Finally understand that when your feet leave the land, life would be so tiny and fragile.However, in order to live, each of us is it not carefully, step by step forward.