Bean curd roll in deep maternal love


He grew up poor family, eat every day turnip cabbage.  Mother boil a pot of vegetables, several brothers and sisters holding a small bowl rattling eating, and so they finished, their mother and only then taking a dip in a few leftovers soup to eat a corn pancake.  Whenever you see the mother to eat leftovers soup, he felt very sad.Meal, it will advance to the mother dishing out a bowl of vegetables.  Cook poured into the bowl of his mother, and said to him: you are a long body, eat.  At this time, he will feel that eyes are warm things up the Bay, was secretly resolved, the future must allow the mother to eat the most delicious meals.  Through these efforts, he admitted to the university, on the class and got a promotion to become a large company CEOs.A busy life to let his past life has gradually forgotten, but the mother leftover soup scene will appear in his dreams.  Chinese New Year when he went home to see his mother, he spent not for a while, he had telephone reminders.Nostalgia watching his mother’s eyes, he comforted his mother and said: Mom, such as the weather warms up, I’ll take you to my house, you can look at every day a son.  Mother kindly said to him: not thinking about me, I’m fine.You busy for you, but be sure to pay attention to the body ah mother QianDingNing Wan told to put him into the car, looked at his car out of sight, only to return to the house, wiping tears.  In the spring, he will be received at home mother.Real mother saw her son’s busy, every day, morning to evening, very distressed.Especially to see his son busy and can not eat on time, when the mother’s heart is restless.  One day, his mother said to him: come back in the evening, I give you to eat good food.  He asked his mother: What day is it?I have an important meeting, may be late, you do not wait for me.  Mother embarrassed to say: Today is my birthday, I want a good meal, you try to come back as soon as possible.  After listening to the words of his mother, his heart startled, from small to large mother never had a birthday, since today is the birthday of his mother, he must come back with mother.  He said solemnly to his mother: Mom, I’ll come back early, but you do not busy old, I invite you to the hotel to eat.You think about it, what wants to eat.  Mom do not want the hotel, like at home, eat their own food.  See work time is coming, and attend to his mother elaborate, he hurried away.  At night, he came home.See food on the table has been filled: There are boiled cabbage, stewed potatoes, carrot soup, and a bean curd roll he had never eaten.  See these dishes, his vision blurred.A child eating scene has emerged in the eyes, he seems to see his mother eat leftovers scene.  Mother to see him back, smiling, and said to him: I know you usually always socialize, eat a lot of delicacies, but I think it is best to eat the most nutritious vegetables or these rough.That is what I personally do not you taste delicious delicious?  His mother did not eat for a long time to do the dishes.He clips a mouthful of cabbage into his mouth, suddenly a fragrance overflowing mouth: delicious, Mom do the dishes is delicious.  Try the bean curd roll mother a clip into his bowl of bean curd roll.He makes a chewing meat tofu mixed with the aroma of the fragrance mix is very tasty.  He ate several, ate and asked: Mom, really delicious bean curd roll, how did it never gave us?  At that time the family was poor, how can there be money to buy meat ah.I now want to eat you, but you are too busy, do not always eat at home, no option but to lie and say that today is my birthday, do you eat this dish.Tomorrow I want to go home, too many things at home, I was worried about.  Mom, you worry what the old?I want you to take good old honorably.My dad is not alive, and you are a person I do not worry, you’ll stay right at ease.  I see you are so busy, so you do not worry about, or to return home under better.Mother long sigh: You do not always busy, we must pay attention to the body.You do not eat on time, every day entertainment, this most pernicious.I do not like to see you like this.  Mother’s voice choked.His mother had to ensure, after a certain time to eat, less to socialize, mother was conceived.  Can not last, a year later, his mother had Alzheimer’s disease.Loving mother looked past like a child-like ignorance dependent on him, his heart was broken, I turned down a dinner party, every day, to accompany the mother side, treated like a child-like careful to take care of her mother.  On this day, he came home from work very late, I thought surely this time the mother was asleep, but he had just entered the room in amazement.On the table, placed a bean curd roll, mother lying on the table asleep, gray hair stung his eyes, nose, while sour.  Nurse came and gently said to him: Your mother today obligated to do to you to eat bean curd roll, saying that today is your birthday.I’m afraid her old accident, wanted to help her, but she said she personally do to make your eating tofu roll, even though I am very careful watching, but the old man’s hand with a knife or a nanny listened to it, only to find gauze wrapped around his mother’s left index finger, little by little blood oozed, he suddenly burst into tears