Bean sprouts shop couplet


That day, small boob and grandfather visiting the market, I saw a bazaar bean sprouts shops in order to attract customers, on both sides of the store posted a couplet.  This couplet is really strange ah!The joint is long long long long, the second line is’ long long long long long long is streamer.Small boob read it again and again do not understand what it meant, so he asked the shop owner sprouts: uncle.What you write couplets on the door of Yes?I do not know how to read it?  Shop owner is very proud to stand up and immediately read it aloud, and then also had some detailed explanation.After listening to the words of the shop owner.Small boob and grandpa feel that this couplet written was fantastic.This shop is suitable for bean sprouts.You know this couplet read law it?  Yes, Miao Miao pair of couplets using a long word is a multi-tone multi-meaning words.When reading long-chang, the length is long; read Zhang, is the meaning of growth; In addition, the classical, the long word read-chang and Chang Shi general, expressed often meaning.Thus, this couplet correct pronunciation is: uplink long (often) long-chang and Chang (Chang) Chang Chang-long (often) long-chang (Chang) Chang long chapter; the second line long Zhangzhang Chang Chang-long long Zhangzhang Chang Zhang Zhangchang.  Streamer long (often) long-chang and Chang Zhang Zhangchang.  Originally, the store owner is a pair of couplets posted hope he sprouts grow faster and better store, business is booming.  Multi-tone multi-word meaning fun of it, they must master, otherwise it is easy absurd.