Beans children


In ancient times, there is a kind old man and a good old woman, the old man full one hundred years old, that old lady and old man of similar age.This white as snow for the elderly hair, like a night as heart depression.You know why?Because they had no children, no children around to their laughter and singing; now they are, and no children to help them work; no children climb their legs, while Mom and Dad cried while hugging them.  There is a winter’s evening, they peel the beans, ready for tomorrow’s meals.They sat on either side of the table, peel the pods, the beans peel good investment in a basin.Peel some time, the old lady leans on the pot to see how many beans peel.  She sighed: Oh!If these beans are children, it is more than good!  Immediately, all the beans have become children; white beans into a small boy, colored beans into a small girl.These kids are out of the pot, went on the table, Douzhaoquanzai, tumbling, games, fight.Some children slide down along the foot of the table, running in stone floor.So, all sides are heard voices shouting: Mom, I’m hungry, give me a piece of bread with jam.  Dad, I’m thirsty, give me some stuff to drink it.  Brother pulled my hair.  Sister hit me.  Give me wipe it, my nose dirty.  I want that put the kettle.  I want this, I want that.  what!Good clamor of voices of these two elderly people were good fights almost deaf ears.  They said: How do we deal with these kids?If they can again become that much better beans.Immediately, all those kids on the table, jumped into the pot, turned back the beans.However, those children could no longer climb the stone floor is not on the table.And it should be said that they do not want to change back to whole beans, because they believe a playful child who likened about to be boiled beans to be much more interesting.How they do it?They hid in the corner throughout, and hide under the bed, hiding under the hood, where hiding in clogs and slippers.The old man and the old woman hurried to find them, use a feather duster broom with those under furniture, emptying those shoes.They caught those children, care flutter flutter care, thrust them into the basin, they again become broad beans.Little while later, the old man and the old woman could not have a baby.  He went on peeling fava beans, ready for tomorrow’s meals.They sat on either side of the table, while stripping the pods, while the peel beans good investment in the basin.Separated for some time, the old lady conspire basin to go up and stripped off much beans.  She said: Alas!Stripping slowly.We have just stupid.If we leave a child, as long as a student he was so small, we will not give Tim any trouble, but he can also help us peel beans do.Then, they heard a little voice say: Mom, you do not have to worry about, but also keep it a.  Where are you?I’d like to tell you that, but first you promise me I do not invested in the basin.  I promise you.Rat hole I Yeah, I was in at the corner.  When he finished, he ran out from their hiding places, in front of which the elderly.Two good old people very happy, put him on the table, in the middle of two people.The child quickly began to peel pod, soon put the stripped beans vote in the basin.He has done very fast, beans seems like hail coming down.Tuk tuk tuk, tuk tuk, a fraction of a second, the pot is full, broad bean peeling good.  Two elderly people have such a good child, very happy.They called him John Bean.John Bean is a small male of the body as big as beans.He can not stand in one place does not move, he was all day event.In the winter, he instead of operating two elderly home, sawing wood, fire, cooking, taking care of cows.  After the snow melts, he went out to buy things.He bakery to buy bread, the money paid to the treasurer’s time to say: female shopkeeper, please give me three large round bread.  Landlady with open eyes, said: I clearly heard a voice, I clearly saw the money in the swing, but seeing no one.  She finally found him and gave him three large round bread.John Bean is a playful child, he rode the bread with a chance to go back and play them as wooden ring with, one after rolling on.  People in the village saw, surprised and asked: how will these bread roll yourself a good old go of it?  When a clear day came, the old man said: Now, I go to the plowing.  John Bean really want to replace the old field of work, but not in favor of the old man, he said: go there to go through a forest and a creek, where the beast will eat you, or you’ll drown in the creek inner.  However, John Bean is not willing to stay inactive.When the old lady ready to send her husband to lunch, he was determined to send her behalf.  He set a basket on each arm, started off.He went before the stream, how to spend go?He saw in a nearby sheep shepherd boy shouted: Hey!These sheep shepherd boy, help me through this stream of it!  Shepherd boy approached him and said: who’s talking?I can not see people.  I, ah, I do not count it?John Bean said, to straighten his little body.However, he is vain, the shepherd boy still can not see him.  I clearly saw two baskets, but I can not see people with a basket.  So, John Bean standing on a basket, the people saw him, shepherd helped him across the stream,.WWW.gushi51.COM beans John came to the edge of the field, call his father to dinner.Dad and under the shade of a tree next to the nearby and forth doing the job.  John Bean says: You eat, I continue farming.You put me on the horse’s ears, horse whip in my hand.  So he began shouting: Calls!Ooh!Buddha!ear!Horse whip sound.Sure enough, the horse walked along, we instill obedience obey his command.  Several thieves walked on the road and saw this horse alone in farming, but also with his whip cries.  They say: ah!This is really a good horse, let’s go with it.  They approached the horse, pulled by want it.John Bean shouted to them: Do not come near it, or else I’m going to whip you draw a face.  He shouted: father!father!Thief!  Dad arrived.The thief felt very surprised, and asked him who’s talking.Put the beans to Papa John introduced them.John beans can be rude to them, he raised his whip, also clenched the top of that tiny little fist.  The thieves said: you put him to lend us a few days, he can help us do something.Dad does not agree, but those thieves repeatedly asked.They are many, the gathering ferocious.  John Bean naughty on the father said: Let me go with them, I’m going to take something to make fun of them.  The thieves took him, they want him to do something to tell him.  Tonight we go to a wealthy family suzerain steal things.You were born very small very small, you can go through the keyhole drilled.You get to the house, the top pick those things valuable, throw us from the window.  John Bean replied: Yes.  At night, the thieves crept to come to the Grange, Zhuangzi where people are sleep.They told John Bean drilled into it from a keyhole.John Bean put a window in the house and gently pulled half open half closed, and then he was forced to make a commotion to thieves: There are gold, silver, jewelry, thieves, tell me, what things you want to?  The thieves said: Do not shout so loudly!Do not shout so loudly!You’re going to make our people were caught up.John Bean Hande louder: There are gold, silver, jewelry, thieves, tell me, what things you want to?  Cry so loud, Grange where people have been awakened.Suzerain called: To Catch a Thief!The servants are holding a large fork arrived, the thieves had fled soon.  John Bean own thought: Now how do I do it?If they find me, when I was a thief would, hang me up.  He would sneak outside, fled the barn, hiding in a bunch of straw in.He hectic all day, very tired, so fast asleep in the straw.  In the morning, head to the Grange Xiaoya cows feeding, she put the barn on that bundle of straw in the manger, needless to say, it would only put the straw and cow beans with John swallowed.When John Bean tripe house woke up, I feel not very well.  He thought: if people give this beast grass fed, I’m going to be suffocated foodstuffs.So he shouted: Do not feed the grass, and I’m not hungry the.  Little girl was taken aback, said: My friends talking cow!  However, the cows can not speak, she Ann heart.  She said: Anyway, I want to give it to drink water.  She went to the well, hanging a bucket of water.John Bean heard her back, thinking: If only this cow drink buckets of water, I’ll flooded died!  So, he forced shouted: I do not drink water, too much water the.  This time, scared little girl dropped a cross, even also knocked over a bucket.  She quickly got up and ran back to the village up to the suzerain report: Our cows will speak!Our cows will speak!She told him all through listening.  Suzerain came to see, he could get straw for the cows to eat.He heard a voice heard: Do not give a straw, I’m not hungry the.  Suzerain said: it really would speak, it possessed it, we should go kill it.  The same day they slaughtered cattle, the bean John’s hidden intestines lose out.  Grange is a hungry wolf walked four weeks in search of food, he found a cow’s intestines, and swallow it.Now, John Bean goes to the wolf went.This time he is no more comfortable than those in cow stomach.  He said to himself: If the wolves eat something, I’m going suffocated.I have to eat something to stop it.The wolf beside each flock slipped, when ready to eat lamb, beans John had screamed: shepherd, shepherd boy, take your dog to put out the wolf coming, the wolf came.  Shepherd boy who immediately let the dog out, and rushed over to bring weapons, the wolf had to flee quickly.  The wolf approached a Grange, craned their necks trying to catch a chicken or goose, beans and John shouted up: suzerain suzerain ah, the dog you put out, the big bad wolf came!Wolf coming!  The wolf can not steal everything, nothing to eat, he would lean down, lean down talking to his friend the fox, the fox to ask.  In the woods, looking for a cross of twigs tree.You hard against the middle two twigs of trees, tightly crammed themselves, the little guy will be out.  Wolf came before a cross of twigs of trees, the body splayed across the top of the twigs, hum force crammed, beans John suddenly squeezed out, falls to the ground.You must imagine, his body somewhat dirty.He and wash in a puddle, he heard footsteps and quickly go hide under a bunch of small twigs.  Came an old woman, back carrying a basket, looking for firewood for the fire.She picked up John Bean move along fine twigs, an ancient brain child put in the basket.  Good old woman pick up firewood went home, John beans from Xiaodong Dong to look outside and saw that the old woman was passing from near his home.He cried: good old lady, Tuk Tuk!Your basket has a devil.  The old woman thought really heard the devil talking, she was scared to put the basket onto the floor, hurriedly fled.  John Bean happily out of their hiding places, back to their parents.They originally thought he was lost, and now see him come back, very happy.  John beans continue to help the two old people work until they die of old age.