Since Ogawa indulge in computer games, grades plummeted.He comes third year, how not listen to discourage parents, after-school study hall every night have to go to Internet cafes to play late into the night to go home, and sometimes even do not study up on.Parents was so anxious, not to mention the child can go on like this or admitted to prestigious universities, but even the general universities pass the test ah!  That evening, Ogawa and play to go home at 1 am in the cafe.At this point, surrounded by quiet, people fall asleep and dim lights like wildfire.Suddenly, Ogawa found far from a mass of white stuff when the time is now hidden, high and sometimes low, despite the creepy Ogawa do not believe in ghosts, but these circumstances let him jumpy.Start Ogawa thought he was talking, he rubbed his swollen eyes sour, but more clearly saw the high group when the white dwarf.Ogawa screaming: OMG!Mad run all the way home, knock on the doors bang bang bang, a flutter in the door of his mother’s arms, trembling voice to his mother and said: Mom, I saw a ghost!Mother said: child, all right, do not go to burn the midnight oil after the Internet, listen to Mom and Dad’s words carefully study the university entrance exam, will not see a ghost.  The next few days, more Ogawa really good, going to night classes at night to complete it early to go home, and not to the Internet.Ogawa’s parents see changes in his son’s very happy.However, a week later, still unable to control themselves Ogawa network temptation, despite his parents discouraged, he went to Internet cafes, and still come home late.  A weekend night, Ogawa play to the 3 o’clock to go home, just as he walked home not far from a fork, appeared in front of a white shadow, white shadow that still hidden, at the time, when high when short.Ogawa, although some fear.But he still embolden forward, because his hand holding a knife already prepared.Suddenly, the white shadow suddenly rushed Ogawa way, revealing a face of terror and fear in the issue of a strange sounds, Ogawa his sword rushed forward, facing the white slash several times, just listen to the white scream, she fell down Ogawa breath and ran home, told his mother opened the door: white ghost tonight that I was cut with a!Mother shocked, watching her carrying a bloody knife and covered with splashes of blood, driven to distraction said to his son: bad Goodness me, that it was your father ah!  When Ogawa father and mother taken to hospital, he has to die, before dying, said to his son: children children ah!Conscientiously study, do not go to the Internet