Cottage Cuba


Cottage Cuba Wangshang Tong Ching Ming Festival, rain started falling, endless.Renovation of a new two-Lu Cottage, cornices, simple elegance, nestled in the green of the jungle.The cottage steeped in dense, misty rain territory, like ink build from.Hill Chi flow, putting moist, standing in front of the cottage, pay tribute to two Luxian Xian, that correct entangled wrapped around the rain, suddenly wash away the hearts of the sense of loss.    A deity makes a mountain, not its altitude.Xiaokunshan neither lofty nor steep, but with the great calligrapher, great writer Lu Ji, Ji brothers, Xiaokunshan won the “yu Kun Gang” in the world.Lu Ji Ji ﹑ came from famous families, Soochow famous Lu Xun Sun.Two Lu Yisheng rough, ill-fated, short life, left a rich calligraphy, poems and songs, articles, had been known for two land culture.The first is the calligrapher Lu personally cursive “calm down quote,” 1700 years ago, the earliest of China’s oldest surviving celebrity signatures.This piece of signatures, rounded strokes, such as soup too mysterious wine, simple vigorous, school Zhuanzhou intended track; although bald pen to write on, but Wan cents volley, such as cone sand painting.So enjoy respect for ancestors posts, the ink imperial treasure of the name, it is a testament to our history of calligraphy Han Li cursive evolution, it is collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing.And fifty years later it is full of Wang Xizhi’s “Orchid Pavilion”, no “calm Tie” lucky.According to legend the original tombs with the Emperor, but “only dead soul Yulan”, while the present and seen in print, copy comes mostly from the Tang Dynasty.    Lu Ji, Ji brothers, prominent Chinese name, known to the world.The poetry, Fu, the article has a long history.Kong Zili said, “Poems”, Lu Ji Li said, “Shi Yuan Qing”.The book Lu Ji “Wen Fu” is China’s first article reviews the history of literature comprehensive, in-depth, theoretical articles explore the system of law of creation literary.Liu Xie with “Xie ‘,” Liu Xie’s out, this machine’s Lu Chang said that while the paper heart “, poetry article on the merits of standard products, largely influenced by Lu” Wen Fu “aesthetic.Lu Ji “Lyric Poetry Leading to Gorgeous Form” point of view, since all the guidance poetry made peace in our hearts and words of wisdom.    Linger in the two land cottage, through the history of the situation, and second, closely related to land and cultural heritage of the Chinese culture links, flesh and blood.If the “Wen Fu”, “calm down quote,” a series of poems and songs, articles, epoch-making outstanding contribution made by land between two clouds, then precipitated from the splendid history of the two land culture, it is passed in autumn Chiyo, benefiting China, the world’s rich cultural treasures of the bright pearl.Two land culture is the eternal youth of fresh culture, historical, charismatic celebrity culture.    Celebrities pay homage to history and culture, nostalgia, perceived, only “quiet” and “elegance”.Cottage face two land that surrounded the cottage Jascha bamboo, Jane sparse dang far, Zijin from surplus, one thousand ten thousand, swaying in the rain, smoke Pengran.Blast off, like the machine dressed Pathetic Lu, Ji, raising or tame crane Crane, strolling, or sitting in a Cottage, blue lamp, such as beans, work hard, buried disease book.May this gave birth to Chinese civilization unbroken context, sprinkle stained ages of antiquity, from generation to generation, never stop.    Troubled world became pale, Renxinbugu.Cuba’s deep, not gossip arty, nor pretend to pull the banner of a saint.The face of crowded places, “ran the money,” the Times flew like a bullet, forced to admit that “flowers” lurks beneath the desolate heritage, land exchanges and two sages are wise benevolent friend, the more memory is Hisamitsu Jane’s wealth, it has been close to our hearts and soothing stretch of two land culture and heritage can flourish in today’s chaotic world, it is worth every one of us thinking and pondering.    Persistent umbrella in the rain walk up and down the line, two land cottage is not large, but it is very keep people.Way down the mountain, hearts filled with bursts of inexplicable, at the moment this impetuous era, “Fuga” what?Several people have “leisurely”?How much of antiquity no longer?Spirit no deposit?Storage is not just the home of the city’s history only to find the soul of the culture, but it is a valuable feelings Sigu.Moon to call home, Muxian Xian in this world, we should all classical delicate and beautiful, brilliant and noble tribute.