Cottage with the mind


December 19 I went to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage, due to too late, time constraints, but hurry Zouliaoyizao, but a lot of feelings.What impressed me most is to hear a child saying: “Dad, Du Fu good Qionga” look back at the kids, I reluctantly smiled, I wanted to tell him: “Son, if not poor Du Fu, he might not write so many great poems!”Standing in front of Li Bai and Du Fu met statue, feeling the two are not the same style, searching mind about their memories bit by bit, I suddenly felt a little sorry for Lao Du, because I just blindly Li Bai childhood favorite, and will Du Fu shut out!    Li Bai is very familiar with our childhood, even the most familiar of the poet.In school textbooks collection of “Nostalgia”, “望庐山瀑布”, “early onset Baidicheng”, “Yin Tian Mu sleepwalking do to stay,” Wait, let me on the romantic and full of bold poets from urine reverence and yearning.    Du Fu’s poetry, less contact with some of our childhood, in my memory impressed me most is his “autumn winds have ruined hut song”, and believe that “years of cold cloth quilt-like iron,” the poem is too real, too real make people feel bad, in fact, was not a little romance.Each read the poem.Eyes always shaking his bed torn and dirty old quilt, so just blindly childhood like Li Bai, like his bold, like his romantic, more like his magical magnificent imagination.Today once again walked Du ,, they do not look the same face again, recite their poetry again, only to find themselves before too naive, too paranoid, too favoritism.In fact, as many scholars have said the same, Li Bai is a dashing sword negative wanderer, Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a poet of assiduously.Jindao Bai, Du Fu is Confucianism, both with their extraordinary poetic talent, Tang propped up a magnificent sky, whether it is “Shixian” or “the great poet” They have their own merits, all the same greatness.    Standing outside the fence ruins of the Tang Dynasty, just looking at a piece of unearthed cultural relics and those just archaeologists dug in the ground, a sort of historical vicissitudes and heavy feeling hit me.Lao Du trance seems to slowly I came from the ruins of the DPRK, he was gaunt, ragged, mouth chanting “tens of thousand, shelter the world are delighted Poor Scholar!Rain storm as a mountain, “the poem.That moment, I have some vague sense, I think he approached, I wanted to tell him “Lao Du, rest assured, people today have enough to live comfortably, and you rest in peace!”Farewell Du Fu Thatched Cottage out, feeling a little heavy, long way ahead Fortunately, Oh that everyone will be better tomorrow.