Cotton Candy Love


Think of the old man’s warning, saying that love cotton candy not abuse, Luoling my heart feel uneasy.But love is progress so fast, the situation is excellent, she can not imagine what it would issue?Every night at home, the first thing Luoling do is breathed on cotton candy.Cotton candy looked more plump, like himself and Link love, my heart burst pleased Luoling.  Not surprisingly, in a beautiful moonlight night, eating dinner by candlelight, Link on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring to propose Luoling.Full of joy Luoling did not even hesitate to place his head shyly.  Before marriage, because Link has the habit of regular physical examination, just about the same time, took Luoling to the hospital, the two men made a detailed examination of the body, as is premarital medical examination.  A few days later, the hospital but there came the bad news.Luoling womb found to have shadows, initially concluded that the tumor, from the location point of view, the doctor considered to be malignant!  This news Luoling suddenly senseless.At first, Link also comforted her, saying things that maybe there was hope yet?Besides, even if cancer is really to current medical standards development, cure is not too difficult to do.  Luoling think, unfortunately, it has happened, and then self-pity will not help.And fortunately, there are people who love to accompany beside adversity, perhaps a good thing.  Can make her surprise, it was missing a few days Link.The first time Link said busy, but the phone will still play.But then not only faceless people, even the phone.Cell phone, voice prompts is empty; go to the company to find him, boss told Luoling, Link apply to go abroad for training, take a few months time.WWW.5aigushi.COM This time, Luoling then also understand the silly, hiding her in Link!Although misunderstandings already heard such a thing can happen in the sweetest of love, she still can not believe.  Even the best people, do not want to get married did not bear such a heavy burden, in the future there may be seriously ill and ready to leave his wife, no children, no laughter, gloomy day.Such a thought, Link option is not incomprehensible.Luoling may not have been understood, the two feelings so well, how would they please say a short time?  Made her even more shocking is that time just one day, when she returned to the apartment in the evening, found that support cotton candy bars actually only a bare, white clouds like those sugar Xu has disappeared without a trace.Any how she blows, cotton candy is the same kind, Luoling grew more and more worried, is suggesting that their own feelings and Link irreparability?  Luoling with bare cotton stalks that support, I do not know how many nights wandering in the streets, looking for the mysterious bridge.May day by day looking for in return is a time of disappointment.  That day, the hospital suddenly phoned to tell Luoling good news: After once again review the so-called shadow is just a cyst.This is most women will be some small problems, eat anti-inflammatory drugs on the line.  He came out of the hospital, took the money to buy a few pieces of anti-inflammatory drugs, Luoling hearts mixed feelings.A few dollars can solve small problems, but she parted ways two people love each other, really ironic!  One night a few days later, in the street Luoling encounter Link.Luoling out to meet her review of the medical certificate, the doctor’s diagnosis told him face Link remorse eyes, Luoling not without regret, he said: To be honest, I really love you, or I can not and you fell in love for so many years.But now, I really have to thank this misdiagnosis, let me see, and you can not be with me after the wind and rain accompanied finish half of the people.Then, Luoling walked away, but was moved to tears fall.  That night, Luoling stroll in the streets, and all the brain Link together the past.The feelings of a few years, did not just be forgotten in?As she sad tears, suddenly saw the bridge again, there is that mysterious old man.The old man said with a smile: everyone’s life up to twice set foot on the bridge.One is the beginning of a romance, another is to end this affair.I told you not to abuse love cotton candy, when you have fallen on deaf ears.  The old man told her, love cotton candy despite the catalytic effect of love, but only occasionally.Just as cotton candy, seemingly full, inside was full of foam, one will be able to eat a lot.Ripening of cotton candy with love, too, seems warm but vulnerable.  The old man went on to say: This reason is very simple.After stormy temper and time-tested love, have a solid foundation.Ripening can love, such as cotton candy, little wind and rain, dissipated trace.Once the bubble burst, naturally impossible to repair, this is my reason to let you use caution.For everyone, life can only experience a most unforgettable love.At the crucial moment, ripening love, bear fruit, but also happy.If abuse can result will be counterproductive.  In this way, with this life pass most memorable love, full of sad Luoling.To go back on the road, breezy, but faint heart had not the same insight.  Yes, over-ripening of love, full of foam inside, vulnerable.Perhaps, in the future again we encounter a person, may not spark fierce, but steady day, with two plain heart, and lay a solid foundation in the years to come slowly.This love, though not gorgeous scenery, but also another beautiful.Thought here, Luoling speed up the pace.Looming forward lighting, the light is not far.