Men still drink less wine alcoholic prone to cause sperm abnormalities


Location: body of man or drink alcohol wine prone to cause sperm abnormality five 2018-3-1 11:28:24 Source: Introduction: drinking men often do, whether in social communication, or relax in the , many men like a cup。 But often they drink only beverages, but also lead to infertility men…… 2.Away from the radiation, the radiation is inversely proportional to the cube of the distance from the doubled radiation attenuation 1/8。
3.Away from all kinds of harmful chemicals。 4.Do sauna, not long-term wear tight underwear, sauna or long-term wear tight-fitting underwear cause local temperature rise, spermatogenic suppression。
5.You can eat more fish, traditional Chinese medicine believes that fishermen child could swim bladder animate fine effect, the current clinical treatment of male infertility there is a medicine called swim bladder and kidney pill, the main ingredient is fish maw。
6.Weight loss, body fat tissues contain aromatase, aromatase the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, serum testosterone levels decreased, while elevated estradiol, which have an adverse effect on the normal spermatogenesis。 7.Exercise, a new study shows that exercise helps improve testosterone levels and sperm quality。