Cotton Lake wrappings


Lake wrappings, cotton, cotton is synonymous with lake snacks.    Cotton Lake wrappings wrappings produced elsewhere and contrast, there is nothing special, mainly dumplings bubble method —— a pot of boiling water was bubbled with dumplings; another pot shabu meat bone soup for.To show its bowl, salt and monosodium glutamate, the broth was allowed to dissolve spoon point, even thrown into the dumpling skin boiling pot, by several times on fishing into the bowl, while the meatballs and sliced thin thin pig heart, kidney, intestine green stock pot boiled, wrappings disposed above, then pour a broth, sprinkle a small group of fried garlic, with celery, onion, a few drops of sesame oil.Soaked dumplings, a clear, two bars, three soft, four green.Clear, is clear soup.The boil fresh pork soup, pork pulp containing less Aochu soup is not turbid, clear bottom visible.Ribs, dumplings is a rubber band Road.Tender, refers to iron out of the pig heart, kidney, gut health and meatballs furnace just right.Green, celery and green onion.Eat non-greasy, sweet and refreshing soup, rubber band road smooth, tender and delicious.Whole bowl of dumpling skin, color, smell and taste, is simply a work of art, is a model of food pairing.Dips their remaining sauce, barbeque sauce, hot pepper sauce.If the end was a bowl of steaming dumpling skin, look for a corner to sit down, you can linger, to maximize the function of taste buds.Drinking soup, dip the meat, and eat the dumpling skin, heart, a child is really cool!This time it was found, smells stop, parking —— Taste is no exaggeration.Alone that kind of scent wafting in the store, already mouth-watering, not to mention eating?Cotton Lake traveled streets, shop at most a few dumplings bubble, described as Xiangpiao miles and taste Qin one thousand.    Ever since the memory, cotton dumpling skin on the lake in my heart bears the imprint.As a child, can go to the lake cotton bowl of dumplings, is a luxury.What impressed me most, than the bubble dumpling shop in Yuen Cotton Lake.It is located on the edge of Rural Markets.Every month one, four, seven cotton Lake Market.Market day, ten-mile radius of folks, dawn Meng Meng Liang took up their own agricultural products to evict Market.Poultry cats and dogs, Bo Qi broom, fruits and vegetables..Many categories, everything.Buy sell, often one after another Mojian, packed a few blocks huge, packed.Until noon, the crowd gradually dispersed, leaving each Find a hotel, recreation belly.This time, the most popular, Chuk Yuen to within a few bubbles that few dumplings shop.The store is usually full of people, not clean up the old bowl, and was immediately replaced with a new bowl; a talent got up immediately and was robbed of another individual bits.The front of the store, and a few horizontal and thick stone bench, squatting above also full of people —— This is a beautiful landscape.Cotton Lake dialect called: squatting shop.    In the Chaozhou-Shantou area, there is a saying: a Temple Po, two cotton lake.This means that these two places for the Chaozhou commercial port, the industrial city.Cotton Lake Puning City Chigang town bordering the east and adjacent Yuan Zhen, and a bridge across the Phoenix Town, from the Song Dynasty have a record on Cotton Lake, is a long history of cultural, commercial town.Since the reform and opening to the outside world circulation of more, a lot of local culture change happen, just from squatting shop, this road landscape almost a silencer to cover his tracks.The villagers demand has become a diversified diet.Dumplings bubble, has a non-exclusive choice for most people.However, as long as the cotton Lake tasted snacks, eating dumplings bubble hometown people, no matter ends of the earth, the best heart, or that a.And often talk with friends in a foreign land, everyone empathy.It is warm, the taste of home.How long can it go back delicious meal of it?