Cotton season peony flowers


Cotton out of the window every now and then, reminds me of the year to just under the window transplant peonies.Peony kindred is a unique species, its clusters of flowers mimicking purse, so named bicuculline Peony.    Hebao belong perennial herbaceous peony flowers, peony and peony with a total growth characteristics, it leaves the same shape as the common peony leaves.It stems die every year, so like a peony.I’d say Hebao peony peony is being given love and emotions of fishes.    Compared with the romantic legends purse peony, tree peony Hebao fate under my window was bumpy and more asthma.    I was very young, growing on Hebao peony is a favorite species of birds and flowers old man in the yard.Every time batting drifting, I and small partners to go home and watch the old man to spend.Seniority I have to call the old man heard grandfather.He attentive, birds raised flower good support better.His farm is a small courtyard garden, you can not be great but no matter what time blooming.Planted with plum blossom, peony, rose, beauty Johnson, pomegranate.What impressed me most was growing on Hebao peony in the corner below.I always thought that only deep pink peony bud in the Netherlands to spend in order to highlight the unparalleled romantic, elegant and sincere!    I remember big year off, just got home I found the old man home door closed, also close to the funeral of paper on the door, I was suddenly tense up, poured a vague uneasiness and worry.After returning home to my mother would say things old man home, the old man’s wife a few months ago did not, they moved to the old man who lives in his son, flowers yard to the birds do not like to take care of his son, a lot of rare flowers and trees are dead the.Fortunately kindred Hebao peony was transplanted to my mother in my yard, but there is a fig tree transplanting.Several years have passed, I have never seen the old man, just the fig tree year after year results in mid-spring peony Hebao have strings of “red lotus bud” covered with branches.    That every now and then batting last day, I happened to have driven all the empty house.I found kindred Hebao Peony looked very haggard, only two or three strings are not full of flowers, the sparse leaf disease cleavers, and then sadly had not seen the beautiful tall.I looked for growers who find out the cause, the cause of which is owned by my mother put her species in the vicinity of the toilet, causing too much fertilizer burn the roots.If not for the flowering transplanting difficult to survive, then I put it change place.Earlier this year, I put it to my house the next window.Rather I transplanted a half-dead body, we all know, peony root system is well developed, a peony ten years of health count the root, but the root of her only two of which nearly half a rotten, rotten or most other root shriveled.This I did not expect her to live, transplanting just let her have a clean place to rest, a pure expression of concern and love To a!Also make their own peace of mind.    This year’s spring floated cotton as well as surprise!Her delicate hands clutching several strings “Hebao” aloft, although it can not lush, but her grand declares to us with a strong victory!Perhaps this is what she gave me the courage to back it and care.    Hebao although not Caozhou red peony, Ge towels purple, jade and other precious edition white peony Yong Rong as charming, but Hebao peony has not enchanting charming without your unique charm.